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Frankie’s Before Life

A couple of you have asked to see Frankie’s ‘before’ shots. Well, here they are.
She came to us with a bottle green and pistachio interior, lots of ‘bad boy’ surf stickers on her windows (remember those board shorts from the early 199o’s! ha), a ridiculous amount of electrical switches, some hippy affirmation stickers on the walls and a rather large family of the biggest ants you have ever seen in your life (hence the raid can on one of the above shots).
After numerous coats of Dulux ‘White on White’ for the interior (that pistachio just would not give up), and even more coats of ‘Midnight Seas’ on her exterior she has emerged as a beautiful little caravan, most happy when she is by the sea, listening to Timothy O play the ukelele.
I must admit, there were points, many points actually, where Timothy O and I did look at each other after a hard day working on Frankie and pondered how such a little thing could be so difficult and gruelling and ever thirsty for our attention.
Well, I still don’t have the answer to this one, though we are very happy with how Frankie has turned out.
Pats on Back all round. x


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2 Comments to “Frankie’s Before Life”

  1. I always wonder why pale green was such an option back in the day – why wouldn't they just have gone white? It baffles me!

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