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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Time Capsule

You may remember that the week before last I mentioned that I was off on a buying trip here. Well, this was one of my fabulous finds! A sweet 19th Century petite stool with cabriole legs – a real find!
This style of stool would of been traditionally placed in the bedroom, however the way I like to work when decorating or styling a room is to really mix pieces up and use them for diverse purposes. I think this would be perfect in a living room for additional seating when entertaining or to place a pile of your favourite books on.
The beauty with quality pieces of furniture is that most of the time they tend to be timeless, it is the fabrics and finishes that date. This little stool had clearly had a facelift some time ago and is in need of another one. So, off with the bottle green fabric and hello original dainty floral! I love seeing what fabrics were previously used; a little capsule in time! I’ll keep you updated with the new fabric I chose to cover it with!
** UPDATE: our little stool has just been purchased. Thank you lovely client!


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