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Bag Lady

©Kara Rosenlund
You know when you see something and you just have to have it; you have an immediate strong reaction, where all the pulses in your body are pulsing to the same beat – thats what happened when I saw this bag at our last Travelling Wares Market, casually strolling by our caravan on the arm of a girl.
I’m probably slow off the bat here, as I gave up fashion magazines a little while ago and I now just live in interior magazine paper heaven, so perhaps you have all seen this bag before – but I hadn’t!
Two long weeks of waiting for the postman to deliver my fun little organic tote felt like an epic, each day growing more and more anxious/impatient. I actually went to the postoffice on Monday just to check if there was a parcel for me, an oversight by someone perhaps – I didn’t have a ‘While you were Out Card’ from Australia Post, I just cold called on them….”sorry Ma’am, nothing for you here”‘….”Are you sure??”
So, long story short, it arrived yesterday and is hanging up on the hook rack eagerly waiting to hit the pavement today.
If you too would like one, I got mine here and they ship worldwide!.. could take a little while though….
K xx


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2 Comments to “Bag Lady”

  1. It is just fabulous! I love its whimsy and humour. But more to the point – where did you get the coat hooks? They look like there is lettering on them – I'll bet they have a story too! xx

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