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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

©Kara Rosenlund

One of my most absolute loves are Moroccan Wedding Blankets. I love everything about them; the tradition, the colour palette, the texture, everything!

This one proudly hangs in our hallway and is about 60 years old. I was SO completely OBSESSED by them that when Timothy O and I spent some time in Morocco everything seemed to revolve around getting my hands on a genuine wedding blanket – just like Prada, Gucci and LV there are many faux blankets out there – beware.

If a holiday to Morocco isn’t on the cards any time soon then pop over to Table Tonic’s online shop for a dose of Moroccan Wedding Blanket beauty!!

Louise at Table Tonic even recently mentioned me in her ‘9 Bookmark-Worthy Sites I (only) discovered’ post.

– yippee!

K xx


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One Comment to “Moroccan Wedding Blankets”

  1. Kara! Cal and I have booked a little 10day getaway to Morocco next month! (yahoo!!!) I remembered your beautiful Moroccan blanket from this old post and did a little search and found it. I see you loved your time in Morocco.. can you give me any hot tips or advise on where to go, what to see? I am really hoping to find myself a nice rug while being there, and any other goodies that catch my eye. I’m so excited, and can’t wait for a bit of sun! Any help would be fab. Thanks lovely. xxx

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