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I know, I know, it’s market week and you guys want to see my new stock; have a bit of a ‘*heads-up’ as to what will be on the trestle tables on Saturday…. I know, I know…it’s coming, I promise.
Though before we get there I want to share with you something special! Nigella! – our latest addition to our Pekin Bantam flock.
She arrived on Sunday and our outgoing feathered girls (Bettina, Gigi and Coco) have been readjusting to the new shy girl on the block!
Timothy O and myself have been eagerly looking on, looking for signs of friendship, signs of love… mmm, I can see potential, however lets just say its called a ‘pecking order’ for a reason and Nigella is clearly at the bottom. It’s early days.
Nigella was brought to us by the lovely Tilly from ‘Girls for the Garden’. If you are thinking about introducing some feathered girls to your garden, then I would strongly recommend Tilly. She is the ‘go to’ woman in chicken circles. You can find her at the Jan Power’s Farmers Markets – or you can email me.
K xxx


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3 Comments to “Nigella”

  1. She is very pretty…I love how she struck a pose! I want chickens so badly but Crinkle would eat them – or scare them to death trying. Welcome Nigella – you are in very good hands.

  2. I know! Totally posed! She is sweet.

    We will just have to arrange a sponsor chicken for you Sally! You can go and pick your chicken and name here and she can live her with us, and you can visit!

    We can even make you a photo in a card with a magnet for the fridge – World Vision Style!

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