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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Pineapple Head

©Kara Rosenlund
So, it has probably occurred to you as much as it has occurred to me that I don’t seem to get many comments on my blog. Naturally I have thought about this… **a lot**.
Comments are the equivalent to getting picked for the netball team or the hockey team, or even the school dance, no one likes to look unpopular and be left on the bench.
Timothy O has been bombarded with constant questioning… “Whats the go? Am I really off the mark? Why, why, why? You can tell me the truth you know? Is the blog really that bad? I even take all my own photographs … is it the photographs, are they really bad?”
… turns out I had one of the comment settings turned off in my blogger account…. which meant it made it rather difficult to make a comment. umm..sorry, turns out it wasn’t you after all, it was actually me! Yup, feeling like a bit of a pineapple head right now.
That means anyone can comment on my blog now, even spammers, c’mon, go, comment, tell me what you think.
K xx
P.S How bonkers are pineapples anyway! Bonkers!


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15 Comments to “Pineapple Head”

  1. Really???? I was wondering about that – I love to comment! And to be honest I love pineapples – they are the craziest fruit around. Just ask Jason about his love of pineapples – apparently he just eats them by scooping the flesh out with a spoon!

  2. From one pineapple head to another, that is hilarious! and very much something I would do :-)
    Loving the mix of recipes, photos and just general 'stuff'!!
    I too, LOVE pineapple but have never cut one up to eat…perhaps a blob post on how to trim tricky fruits??
    Happy blogging!

  3. glad you found this out, it was finicky………
    Pineapples i love for decoration and eating, mostly decoration though haha.

  4. Hey Nicola – great to hear from you! Hahaha. Maybe I can do a step b
    y step on how to carve up a pineapple! xxx

  5. yahoo! COMMENT'S ALL ROUND! (I just though it showed how popular you are through facebook).
    Much love, and LOVE the blog. The more posts, the better!!
    Please show us your office storage approach one day;) XX!!

  6. I second the request for office storage ideas!!
    Feel free to use my office as an example if you like… ;-)

  7. Thanks Guys. Ok, office storage solutions. I'll work something into a post. Vic – at the moment I have a whole ton of receipts under a glass cloche. Not recommended. Xxx

  8. You are too funny Kara Rosenlund! My comments are: your blog is fantastic and I love to read it every day, it makes me laugh, it makes me think and it makes me excited about your adventures and suggestions. Your photos are always beautiful, you could be on my netball team any day and I love pineapples.

  9. Catherine! That is too sweet!!! Thank you. Very kind words. I am **blushing**! Our netball team would totally rock!

  10. Yay! Excited to be able to comment too! I LOVE your blog and can't wait to work on our shoot this weekend!

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