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Floor Sanding

You know when you start something and really wish you hadn’t… in the midst of celebrating the book launch of ‘Little bit of this, Little bit of that’ over the weekend, Timothy O and I decided it would be a great idea to get a start on sanding the floors before Christmas.
I wish I had some ‘after’ shots to share, unfortunately we are a loong way off the ‘after’ shots. For the first time ever I really wish we had a smaller house!
Happy Monday!
K c


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5 Comments to “Floor Sanding”

  1. Oh my goodness – they are going to look fabulous but it is hard, hard work. Even Jason and I with our I-can-do-anything attitudes left it to a professional. Do you want some help? We have a few free days…and I am free on the weekend? Totally happy to help!!

  2. Matt thinks that every weekend but after every DIY project comes the satisfaction. You will love it when it's done!

  3. Photos look great. I will be cheating. New floor boards will be laid as my place is old and levels are all over the place. I am interested in knowing how your floor stood up to wear and tear. I have been down the path of polished floor boards with teenagers and found stilettos killed them. This time round it will be grandchildren and toys! Thanks for sharing. Margaret

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