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More Sanding

After a weekend of sanding, edging, puttying, sanding and edging, I have some results for you!
We decided to go with Porter’s Paints Wood Wash in the standard colour (no tint), which I applied today with a brush and muslin. I decided to start in the bedroom, as my sensibility tells me that the bed will hide any of my application mistakes.
I’ll be doing the second coat tomorrow, which I hope will even out some of the lines of the application.
I think I’m happy so far, I have wanted these floors for years, and I think it’s a good way to share the journey on my blog, especially if you too are thinking about white washing your floors.
This is not for the faint hearted. Our entire house is upside down, cooking is a bit tricky, my muscles are aching in spots I have never felt before, there is dust everywhere (you just can’t help it) and life is basically cluttered and cramped. Saying this, I actually really wanted to give this a go myself and not hire a professional. Was I mad?
Floors are such an important element to any room. You don’t realise until you attempt to do something major to them. They form such a strong foundation in terms of creating texture and tonal colour that dictates the room.
More tomorrow!
Such a big week – seeing Sibella on Thursday and Travelling Wares will be at the Powerhouse Market this Saturday too!
K xxx


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2 Comments to “More Sanding”

  1. They look AMAZING!!! I am super impressed at your skill – it was something I was too scared to do myself. I can't wait to see the finished result. Do we get to see it room by room???

  2. Hahaha… probably! Your guy did such a fantastic job on your floors Sally. Your colour really is stunning! I hope I get to that level! x

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