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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Summer Stock

©Kara Rosenlund

Hello Summer…. the wafting fragrance of jasmine in the heat… sipping a Gin &Tonic… white sheets blowing in the wind… spongey green grass underfoot….can you feel it?

K xx

Available Tomorrow at Travelling Wares

  • Classic Carnival Stripe Outdoor Three Piece Garden Setting, sturdy with original paint: $225
  • Original and hard to come by Large Eau de Vie Demijohn: $320
  • Original and hard to come by Small Eau de Vie Demijohn: $125
  • Old Galvanised Wash Tub – They make perfect planters: $125
  • Triple Shell Hanging Ornament (only one tier is shown): $85
  • Vintage Glass Carafe with a lid which also acts as a glass: $18
  • Marigold Rug from Armadillo&Co


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