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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Christmas Colours

I have just driven back from a very very quick trip up to the Central Ranges of Queensland (18 hours spent entirely in the car). I love a road trip, I think I would of made a good truck driver; for me it is all about seeing the unknown and taking inspiration from the smallest of things.

The early morning light on the landscape was exquisite and brought to life so many subtle colours. There was colour everywhere if you wanted to see it. The purple greys of the wild grasses, the soft silvery greens of the gums, the burnt oranges of the foliage, the pale greys of the gumtree trunks and the rich plums of fire ravaged trees. This is where I have taken my inspiration for the colour palette for our table for Christmas Day.

I’ll be doing a few stock sneak peeks throughout the day, so make sure you come back to visit… lots of lovely things to make your Christmas Table look beautiful!

K x


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7 Comments to “Christmas Colours”

  1. your colour palette looks divine,….. this year I am looking to the country too…. hessian on the table,…. bunches of coppery red christmas bush in old enamel jugs,… the table plonked in the grass under our fruit trees,.. can’t wait! XXX

  2. How is it possible that I’m not the first person commenting anymore? I am in so need of help this year – I can’t seem to settle on any colour palette so bring it on I say! xx

    • Early Birds these ones Sally! …. haha! …. What are thinking for your table? I just bought four bunches of Tuberoses! I love them! Such a surprise!

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