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Christmas Lunch 2011

Here is our Christmas Lunch menu for 2011 menu. I am particularly excited about the entrees as I really enjoy making my own pastry and lasagne sheets. Timothy O will be ‘manning it up‘ and taking charge of the wood fire oven downstairs. We always have Logan Wines on Christmas Day too, sort of a bit of a tradition now. Lots of preparation to do this week, plus we will be at the markets on Christmas Eve!….

K x


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10 Comments to “Christmas Lunch 2011”

  1. I have been dying for this to come out!!!!
    We are working on ours today as well, I’m getting so excited about all the lovely food. I love preparing as much if not more than the eating i think.

    • Thanks Emma – there will be lots of goodies available at the market this Saturday – plus lots of pretty platters and plates for Christmas Day! See you there! K x

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