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Father Rabbit

You know when you see someone from afar and you can just tell that you are going to be friends? Something about them immediately makes you take notice and you just know that they are your kind of person.

When I was much younger at primary school it would have been as simple as someone having a patterned grosgrain ribbon in their hair, as I got older it would of been a particular indie band scrawled on their pencil case…. now it’s all about understated style and quality, enter Father Rabbit. Pop on over to their online store and see what I’m talking about. Click here to see my favourite Father Rabbit products on their blog plus a little interview! 

Love you Father Rabbit!

K x


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4 Comments to “Father Rabbit”

  1. I totally forgot to comment on this one – I love their towels – am thinking that I am going to get another four as spares they are so good. Thank you Father Rabbit for bringing the end to the great towel hunt! Huzzah!

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