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Last Minute Pre Xmas Reno Anyone?

Roof on, railings coming down and stairs about to move.

Stairs have been moved, railings off, roof off.

No roof, weather boards off.

The view from inside the house.

There is nothing like a bit of last minute slap dash renovation adrenaline  before Christmas is there….. saying this I bring you our extension. The roof on our deck needed to be lifted as it wasn’t designed correctly last time round with the previous owner, plus we really wanted to add a dining room to the house… with a fireplace! (… and you all know my long quest for a fireplace)

So, the stairs have been moved, the railings have come off, the roof has come off, beams have been cut off, weather boards pulled down, higher beams have been put up and new weather boards painted…. and incase you were wondering –Yes, Christmas is at our house this year – it always seems like such a great idea in October!

K x


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