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Ring a Ding Ding – Wedding Inspiration

Thought I would share a few wedding images with you that have been making their way onto my mood board for our wedding in May. There are little elements I like about each shot – the colours, the textures…. how many weddings am I allowed to have? I love the relaxed mantilla (veil). Am I a mantilla kinda girl? Time will tell!

K x

(Images have been gathered from all over, sorry, no photo credits, I know, I’m naughty! Though if you visit here and here I’m sure this is where I gathered them from originally!)


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4 Comments to “Ring a Ding Ding – Wedding Inspiration”

  1. I so wish we had masses of flowers at our wedding. Make sure you do – they are so lovely and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go mad in that department and put them all over everything!!!! I’m loving everything you have shown us so far…more PLEASE!

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