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Rainy Days

Rain is pouring down as I write this post, which means for the second day our progress here has come to a halt on our dining room extension. Impatient as I am, the halt in progress is ok, as there has been plenty of daydreaming done on that bentwood chair, cup of tea in hand….  I’m thinking bench seating, lots of linen upholstery, pewter details, porcelain pendant light, subway tiles, marble (always marble), thick glass ship wall lights and of course that fireplace!

Daydreaming is good for the soul!

K x


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6 Comments to “Rainy Days”

  1. Oh my! That looks amazing! What type of insulation did you guys use? Is the fireplace going in the hole where the insulation is lying? I can’t wait to sit and have tea and scones by the fire!!! Hurry up winter! And go away rain! xx

    • We used Earth Wool Sally. It is made from recycled materials, plus it isn’t as itchy as other nasty insulation. Yup – the fireplace is going in that hole! You better come over and have tea and scones….

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