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The Big Question – The Chicken Coop

I don’t know about you, though with all of this wet weather the East Coast of Australia has had of late, a few daily things around the house have proved to be a bit uncomfortable and difficult …  the main offender is the chicken coop. I think it is time to build a new one which has easy access and the girls are protected a bit more from the elements…. I’m taking the main inspiration from The Art of Doing Stuff’s coop with lanterns, black paint and all. What do you think?  Looks beautiful, I wouldn’t mind having a little afternoon rest in there myself…

K x


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14 Comments to “The Big Question – The Chicken Coop”

  1. I am with you! And totally happy to help out – anything for my Coco. Perhaps we can email the Art of Doing Stuff to see if they can give us the plans and then we will be away!

    • I was thinking that too Sal.. do you think they would do that…. gosh, that would be amazing. No one likes wet soggy feathered feet! K x

  2. Ooh Kara yes you must build this for your girls!!! I used to read a great book when i was little called the Hilton hen house here is a link: http://dro.deakin.edu.au/view/DU:30016299 it’s so divine and this coop reminds me so much of it. Also I have some dear friends who are setting up their new house in Maleny-they had lovely chickens in Tassie and they are looking to source some here in QLD- can you recommend a provider of chickens? cheep cheep X

    • Prue, i got chicks from a place on the Sunshine Coast many moons ago but i know they still sell them.. Take the first street off the round about coming away from the Big Pineapple heading towards Kunda Park + Maroochydore and then turn left when you get to the T intersection, I think the street is called they have a ratty old sign out the front.. But i have also heard of a company that lend incubators with eggs to schools so the kids can watch over them and then they hatch.. I think you can pick up the chicks after that.. I’m sorry but I’m not sure of the companies name though.. x

      • Thanks for the hot tip Katherine, incase Prue doesn’t check back in with the comments, I’ll pass the details on to her….. I also know a fabulous woman at Eumundi who is very chicken prone… she could point you in the right direction too Prue, Girls for The Garden her business is called. K x

  3. I want to live there! My girlfriend is renovating a house and they have converted an old tennis court into the “chicken quarters” I can honestly say that they will have to scale more room than most humans.. Loving those lanterns though.. x

  4. That’s not a coop it’s a caravan! Only you could make a coop look that good Kara. I’d have it inside with plates in it myself but Chickens are good Karma and they lay eggs…they also eat ticks! You’re onto something there girl. Market’em! The northern beaches have heaps of chickens but no coops like yours. Katyx

    • I know Katy… it is magnificent! I would be really happy doing a line of coops, though it is hard to design one appropriate for flats packs…. speaking of the northern beaches and chickens, I love Mark Tuckey’s house… I bet you know exactly where it is too…. K x

  5. Hi
    I love it!!! i am also looking for a nice coop but they are so hard to find! You are game building it yourselves, perhaps an inspiration for me! Were you planning to get reclaimed or new wood?


  6. The lady on the Sunshine Coast is called Faye – she does mainly ISA BROWNS. Boutique Bantams do some non bantams – they have afacebook page.

    Faye McMeeken
    Address: 5-9 Stark Lane, Forest Glen, QLD, 4556 Phone number: (07) 54421253

    Faye always has lots of point of Lay – shes been really helpful over the years with mine

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