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Wedding Blues

©Kara Rosenlund

Yup, I have the ‘Wedding Blues’, actually Timothy O and I both have a bad case of it. Why don’t people tell you about this? I have read lots of articles about ‘your wedding’ and ‘dresses’ and ‘countdowns’ and such, though no mention of ‘Wedding Blues’. Incase you are unsure what exactly ‘Wedding Blues’ actually are, I’ll explain… it is when you become uninspired with ‘The Wedding’ and feel saddened by this. This is usually a result of external factors and opinions, which results in the soon to be marital couple becoming disappointed and lack lustre about the actual event,; however romancing in the exciting idea of secretly running away together on a midnight flight and eloping somewhere exotic.

However saying this, to my absolute delight TImothy O walked in yesterday evening carrying the above little woven birds’ nest, gently with both hands cupped around it. He found it under a tree on a little patch of grass on his way home from work, knowing that I had my heart set on finding one to hold our rings in on our wedding day.

Just like that our case of ‘Wedding Blues’ have been cured. I love you Timothy O.

K x


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