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Market THIS Saturday

Come along this Saturday to the Powerhouse Market and check out our new wares; I hope it doesn’t rain… it feel as though we haven’t been at the market for ages…. mainly due to the rain. Lots of wonderful new bits and pieces; I’ll preview them on Friday. Plus for added excitement  I’m planing a short yet sweet buying trip towards the end of the week. Much to look forward to. Hope to see you Saturday!

K x


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8 Comments to “Market THIS Saturday”

          • I’m not too sure about size? Maybe similar to the one in your bio shot? Not really sure what I will fill it with either.. I just love the look of them, and need something with some colour to fill the middle of our table. (And unfortunately I don’t go flower shopping all the time!) Any suggestions on what works nicely inside a glass cover? xxox

          • I have an idea for you. To be honest a lot of things sweat under those glass cloches. I’ll email you. I have one in mind! x

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