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Orange Blossom Water

Why hello… apologies for the slight delay in blog posts this week. It’s been a busy one, full of joy and adventure… though with a strong sense of urgency… go, go, go. When I know I’m going to have a busy week ahead I always try to add a ‘splash’ of personal decadency – to keep the moral high at home you see. This could be putting the ‘good’ sheets on the bed come Sunday night, to insure comfort and true rest for the coming week, or simply having Maggie Beer ice cream in the freezer.

Now, I’m not turning allMartha Stewart’ on you (gosh… I love her though. I sometimes dream of living at Bedford) however, this week as a ‘pick me up’ I thought I would try Orange Blossom Linen Water. The Moroccans use this all the time – I had some of the best nights’ sleep while in Morocco. The fragrance aids in relaxing and ensuring rest. I have used it on the bedlinen,  as my ironing water, a room spray, on the curtains…. I even sprayed a little bit on myself mid hallway dash out the door… I love this stuff. Remarkable… and I whipped it up myself, and you can too!

  • 1 Large atomiser (spray bottle), Howards Storage do a large clear one.
  • 1 Bottle of Orange Blossom Water or Rose
  •  60ml Vodka; this assists when ironing. Holds the crispness!
  • Purified Water, just fill the remaining volume of the atomiser up with purified water

** If you have a standard sized atomiser I would halve these volumes. The one I picked up from Howards holds 1 litre. Also, don’t spray this on your sweet face; it has alcohol in it.

That’s it… Gotta dash!

Hope to see you over the weekend at either of our ‘pop ups’!

Sweet Dreams… you will be dreaming of Marrakesh in no time!

K x


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6 Comments to “Orange Blossom Water”

  1. Orange Blossom Spray by Kara Rosenlund?
    Looking forward to the range launch.

    I can give it my stamp of approval. It’s been a fragrant and extremely well ironed shirt week.

    • Oh no… I accidentally revealed your sweet secret for looking so dapper and sharp at work this week Timothy O….. they will all be doing it by next week… floor 28 will be like walking the streets of Marrakesh! Watch out for the Snake Charmers! xx

  2. Ah, this is a lovely idea. I put lavender oil on the pillows every Sunday night, but I think I might just venture into orange blossom spray next week!

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