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Our Dining Room Extension… home stretch

The carcass of the banquette seating, soon to be clad in tiles.

Looking through into the kitchen.

Upholstery palette decisions.

A few progress shots; that is my wonderful Father!

This is Trevor our super carpenter!

This room makes me so happy, a kind of happiness that only calm and peace can bring. I don’t even care that there is a whole bunch of things that need to happen to complete this room… this room allows me to breathe out.

The room wasn’t always so. Until just before Christmas it was formerly a small portion of our larger outdoor exposed deck. This gave us a beyond generous vista to the 1970’s  block of six apartments next door to our cottage, so much so that we often thought of ourselves as the seventh unit within the complex. We now have cleverly blocked out the dramas and strong personalities of the unit block and couldn’t be happier.

Thought I would share some ‘in progress images’ with you and also some slightly ‘completed’ images. The top few were quickly snapped this morning (you can even see my breakfast in the top shot). There is still a lot more work that needs to happen to our fabulous new addition, though we are getting closer and I couldn’t be happier!

If you too need a happy room let me know, I can put in touch with two wonderful people for the job…

Happy Days!

K xx


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10 Comments to “Our Dining Room Extension… home stretch”

  1. It looks amazing and it feels so lovely when you are sitting there. I’m so glad the craziness is coming to an end. You have a wedding to plan now – time to put those pesky renovations to one side! As an aside – I would LOVE a happy room. One day…*sigh*

    • Thank you Charlotte! Can’t wait to have cups of tea by the fire in winter…. see, I think I really should move to NZ! K xx

  2. Well done kara! Looks fab. I love the bench seating. Looks like it will be a great place to relax. We’ve got our renovations (Inc the floors!) coming up in the next few months!

    • Thanks Karmin! The bench seating also has storage – a cheeky advantage! Good luck with your renovations, please keep me updated! K xxx

  3. Wow! usually a silent reader of your blog I have to let my “voice” out this time, I love the glimpse of what this big room is about to become… a living area/kitchen/dining/entertaining space : LOVE!

    • Bonjour Audrey! How wonderful to hear from you. I adore your beautiful cushions over on Father Rabbit’s online shop. I think you are one very talented lady! Thank you so much for commenting. Kara x

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