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Weekend in Pictures

The Panadol

One of my favourites, blue gum foliage.

Found a great old light fitting.

Moved in to my ‘Potting Quarters’.

Old potting bits.

Twine, gotta love twine.

Day One of The Wool Project.

Such beautiful colours.


Subtle tones.

Morning All! How was your weekend? Mine was a little bazaar…

Sickness came to town and came a’ knocking at my front door in the form of Timothy O being bed bound all weekend. So a flurry of appointment cancelations and get togethers had to be sadly missed.

I went a little stir crazy and had to walk it off come Saturday afternoon.  I collected some blue gum from the bush nearby; it is getting dramatically smaller, eek, might have to give it a rest. I then stayed up and watched Rage’s 25 year Anniversary and felt like I was 14 again, squealing with delight with every next music clip!

Then Sunday I found a great old 1930’s milk glass pendant light and I may of been a little hungover from the previous evening watching Rage; lucky the panadol was handy.

I moved into my ‘potting area’. I have always wanted a little area of my own to house seedlings, garden hand tools and pots and bits. This old piece suits my needs perfectly!

I started work on a wool project. Can’t really talk too much about this one, though it was a lovely way to end the weekend by working with such a beautiful honest material as the sun was going down.

All through out the weekend I spent a lot of time on the phone with my parents. They hatched a crazy plan that sounded more like a Coen Brothers film than real life! My mother’s wonderful big heart sure does land her in some wonderful big trouble!

Happy Days!

K xx


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6 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Love the potting room Kara. Very inspiring. I’m hoping to start a little herb garden soon…but it will have to wait a bit longer. I doubt I’ll have such nice ‘wares’ as you though. Love the tin.

  2. Can you come to my house and make me a potting corner???? And I am busting to know what plan your Mother hatched – I love me a Coen Brothers film. Your weekend looked wonderful and thanks for the heads up about Rage – we stayed up way too late dancing around the telly. xx

  3. Beautiful potting spot Kara – very inspiring. Also watched the Rage special and stayed up waaaaaay too late because it was so good. They lost me at Spice Girls though. And I actually did David Jones advertising when I was 4 years old (a million years ago) featuring Onkaparinga blankets – I still have the old newspaper cutouts. My only claim to fame! x

    • Hi Jane! They lost me not soon after The Spice Girls….. too tired…. Isn’t that hilarious about the Onkaparinga blankets! That is a great claim to fame!

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