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Anna Spiro for Porter’s Paints

Timothy O and I have been invited to the launch of Anna Spiro’s wallpaper range for Porter’s Paints tonight. Very exciting. I have enjoyed watching Anna’s career go from strength to strength over the years, and I am thrilled about the new collaboration with Porters Paint’s.

When living in Sydney I would come back to Brisbane frequently to visit family and a visit to Anna’s shop Black & Spiro was always on top of my ‘to do list’. I was always blown away by how ‘beyond trend’ she was. This one instance I had been hunting for some coral for my mantle and couldn’t find any in Sydney (this was both before Anna’s blog and coral had made the big time on the interior’s circuit.) Anna had a random coral stem on a table in her shop and gave it to me, no fuss. Muttering something about picking it up on the beach. Love that!

Very much looking forward to tonight!

K x


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