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Long Weekend in Pictures

Big Blue Skies

At the flower market

Setting Up

Weekend in Pictures…. on a Wednesday. Eeekk! That’s not cool. It was a glorious long weekend here with beautiful big blue skies and crisp air. Perfect weather for two things, one a ‘Grizzly Man Weekend’ for Timothy O’s out of town bucks party and two, the perfect weather to hold an exquisite garden baby shower.

I propped and styled a very sweet and intimate baby shower garden party, which kept me busy for Saturday and Sunday, with trips to flower markets and beyond. Isn’t it funny when you have a ‘womens’ only get together you are drawn to have copious amounts of flowers, drink tea from pretty fine china and eat bite size morsels…. and that is exactly what was ordered. All very glamourous and pretty.

Back at my ranch the fireplace housing was measured and we now have a lined box/hole for the fire insert. Very exciting. Hold on winter… I’m coming…. don’t get too cold too soon!

In my travels I also picked up this old 1930’s military mosquito net. Couldn’t resist hanging it up so see the scale and drop.

Come the evening Timothy O returned from his ‘Grizzly Man’ weekend away and we sat by the fire downstairs as he told me stories of his Grizzly trip away.

K x

WordPress is still playing up, so apologies for the layout; it’s not how I usually like my posts to look – Get it together WordPress!


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16 Comments to “Long Weekend in Pictures”

  1. If I ever have a baby (and it isn’t looking likely because I am 41!) I want you to throw me a shower!!! It looks so, so lovely. I’m sure the mother to be was overjoyed. Because I love anything bite-sized – tell us more about what food you had? Also, have you noticed that I am not asking any questions about the fireplace – I am TOO JEALOUS for words!!!!! xx

  2. PS We just bought a copy of Grizzly Man – by Werner Hertzog – if you want to borrow it. I’m glad Timothy O’s weekend ended somewhat differently.

  3. It was certainly the most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen. I am a very fortunate mother-to-be to have been pampered in such style and elegance. An afternoon I will never forget. Thank you Kara x

  4. Great styling Kara! Talk about contrasts – a baby shower and bucks night on the same weekend. Good luck with that fire. We’ve got to get ours fixed and quickly! It’s chilly these days!

  5. the baby shower styling looked bewdiful Kara. you clever thing you. what a lucky mum to be. brilliant job.

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