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Help Me Find a Mercedes Pagoda

Car people…. are you out there? I need your help!

This is my absolute alway always will be dream car. Always. The Mercedes Pagoda in the models 230SL, 250SL or the 280SL and I need to find one fast to hire for our pending wedding!

Does anyone know someone with one…… in the South East Queensland area…… or does someone know where one lives, I’m up a random door knock…chat…plead…. letter writing.

Would you believe that my father almost bought one a few years back. I was super excited, as in my head it was actually going to be mine, not Dad’s at all. Then would you believe the woman who was selling it changed her mind! She changed her mind…. who does that! I didn’t handle that well at all… there were tears.

There will be more tears if I don’t find a car to hire. Spread the word!

K x


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