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Long Weekend in Pictures

Bright and Early Saturday Morning at the Jan Power’s Farmers Market.

Silver trimmed Bowl.

Handmade French Glass Tumblers.

Plates from France.

Very Old Akubras

Eastern European Porcelain Canisters.

Mirrors, lots of mirrors!

Love that set of 20 English plates.

Quite liked this chaps market bag!

Breakfast Sunday Morning, homemade fruit loaf.

Loving this combination; Sim Carnations and Ivy Berries!

Setting the table for lunch.

Debuting my new antler handled knives for Sunday Lunch.

Beans and Potatoes, fresh from one of my favourite stalls at the market.

So fresh!

Australian Garlic and local real butter from Gympie Farm!

Berry Frangipane Tarts

They deserved two shots as they looked so pretty!

Hereford Topside from Bonnie Beef at the market, bound for the wood fire oven.

Timothy O lighting the fire for the first time.


What a great long wintery weekend! My goodness…. who has the Long Weekend Blues? ….. I do!

The market on Saturday was fantastic! It was meant to rain, though it ended up being a perfect day with blue skies and no rain fall…. until the evening. By this time Timothy O and I were tucked up fast asleep after a big day at the market.

A dark and gloomy Sunday rolled round, which was perfect weather for what I had in mind… a long lunch of market produce with my family…. while doing a bit of work on the house of course.

My father and Timothy O put the finishing touches on the installation of the firebox, while my mother and I made Berry Frangipane Tarts. The firebox took a little longer and the prepared lunch turned into more of a dinner. The highlight was definitely lighting the fire for the first time. As the rain poured down outside, we were all hypnotised by our new fire roaring!

Yesterday was more of the same, fire, food and a little too much red wine…maybe that’s why there are no shots of yesterday….and why I feel absolutely horrendous have a slight headache today….

Looking forward to sorting the fireplace trim and mantle soon! I’ll post the recipe for the tarts this week too. They are gluten free also!

K x


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8 Comments to “Long Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Well – it was with trepidation and a WHOLE world of jealousy that I looked at this post. FIRE!!!!!! I am so jealous words escape me…you are the luckiest person alive! And to have it going THIS WEEKEND in the ryan and the wind. My oh my….you’d better be ringing me one of those tarts today to say sorry! Haha! xx

    • You should Karmin! Made by Camille, a funny Frenchman! He makes amazing dairy products. Cheese, Butter and more…. I love the salted butter!

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