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Weekend in Pictures

Handpainted sign for local handmade preserves.

The cute little stand with the homemade jams and more.

The best Raspberry Jam!

Hot on the trail for new bits!

Still on the trail…

Classic Australiana!

Local Produce

Perfect for the wood oven downstairs.

On our way to the wedding walk through.

Bush lemons, just out of reach of my hands… next time.

Loving this dusty pink weed!

Dancing grasses.

Scottish Highland Cows – in Queensland.

Sunday addressing the wedding invitations.

John Nollet for Louis Vuitton

Celebrating after speed suit shopping with my family.

Timothy O hanging out with Coco,

 A ruffled looking Coco – she is molting.

I don’t know about you though my weekend just flew past! Timothy O and I hit the bitumen and got out of the city early Saturday morning to go visit our beautiful rural wedding location.

The drive was rainy, cold and foggy and I loved it all! One of my super skills is knowing where all the secondhand shops are in all directions, (just like rockstars who have girls in every city!) so the trip meandered along all day. Apart from some new treasures we also picked up local produce, firewood and sweet homemade jam… I’m sure made by some lovely aproned lady somewhere in a gorgeous country kitchen who loves listening to talkback radio!

We then ascended up the mountain trail to our wedding location, passing wild lemon trees, highland cows, dusty pink foliage and classic wintery landscapes.

Sunday morning was a little crazy! Timothy O and I met up with my family in the city to hunt down a suit and bits for my father for the wedding. I think it only took about 30 mins. Us Rosenlund’s tend to know what we like and what we don’t like. Bamm, Bamm, Bamm, Done. We then had a rather informative conversation with the helpful French Antoine at Louis Vuitton about hairdresser John Nollet and the history of the classic LV trunks. Random! Thanks Antoine!

We then came home and celebrated the suit success and I moved onto battling the printer to address our exciting wedding envelopes going out this week, while Timothy O and Coco hung out.

That was it!… Not a paint brush in sight!

K x


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11 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Sounds like a corker of a weekend! But no mention of the parsnip soup – did you give it a miss??? I love Coco – but I think you already know that. xx

  2. inspiring pix Kara. sounds like the wedding is coming together nicely. love those ‘dancing grasses’.

    enjoy your week. x

  3. 50kg of potatoes and woolly mammoth cow.. Your weekends are AMAZING.. Where were those spuds when i was pregnant and needing mashed potato for every meal?
    Ps.. I recently had a confession from my girlfriends drunk husband (at a wedding) that he tagged a whole heap of people in his dusty obscenity riddled instagram comments.. I think you were a victim and I’m mortified and very apologetic.. I could just strangle him.. x

  4. rural weddings are the best! we got married in a tiny little village in country nsw – there were four churches and three pubs and that was about it! how exciting, it sounds like it is all coming together, hurrah!

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