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Weekend in Pictures – Bridal Shower

Ivy Berry for the table at lunch

Cutting down the roses for the posies

More flowers… I do love my flowers

My Collette Dinnigan Bridal Shower Frock

A cute little ‘mud map’ drawn by my girlfriend Karmen

My amazing floral headpiece

The Survey Co for the Bridal Shower Lunch

Our long table for lunch

The table posies in old French jam jars

The gorgeous paper craft Leis and place settings made by the talented Sally O

Having a great time with my girlfriends – note: headpiece still totally rocking!

Sunday – The sheets drying in the sun

Timothy O’s wood stack

The Jonquil Bulbs I planted a couple of weeks back

Our first ripe passionfruit on the vine

On the sofa and tantalised by the fragrance of my new candle. Thank you AM … and watching The Voice – Go Team Seal!

What a weekend…..I know, I know… I say that every Monday, but gosh…. I really mean it this time….

Saturday was my Bridal Shower Lunch organised by my girlfriend Sally O at The Survey Co and it was just perfect… perfect!

Sally made beautiful little paper leis for everybody using brass fittings, string, cardboard, beads and feathers…. I put together some posies for the tables with ivy berry, pink roses and blue gum in old french jam jars.

It was just so wonderful to see all of my gorgeous girlfriends and family around a table having a great time together, enjoying good food and wine….. and chatting furiously about anything and everything! I loved every second of it.

One of the highlights was my floral headpiece made by Ashleigh at Alba Roses. I had a brief chat to Ashleigh about wearing a headpiece and what I thought it should look like. Her interpretation was incredible and she took it to another level entirely. I felt very special with it on and the fragrance just floated around me. It survived the afternoon at lunch and even way into the evening…. and then into the wee hours of Sunday morning…. most importantly it survived me dancing and singing to Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’…..

In Kenny’s words ‘…know when to walk away … and know when to run…’ and clearly I didn’t do either as i had a minor ohmygosh huge hangover Sunday. It takes a lot to slow me down, however I was stopped in my tracks yesterday. I sat in the back garden in the sun and watched the sheets dry on the clothes line…. I noticed that the jonquil bulbs I had planted a few weeks ago were coming up…. I watched Timothy O chop wood….

I just watched Sunday roll by and thought how incredibly lucky I am.

K xx


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24 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Bridal Shower”

    • Thanks Jane! I can’t describe in words how much I LOVED the headpiece! Thank you for all your lovely comments over the weekend too! xxxx

  1. I’m so glad you had a lovely time at your bridal shower. I am also very sorry I missed The Gambler because it is one of my all-time favourite tunes! I think I am well and truly ready for the wedding – bring it on! xx

    • I had the best time Sally! I’m sure Kenny will be at the wedding too…. he always seems to be there when I’m having to much a of good time haha! Thank you so much for everything! x

  2. Yesterday was a very special day. I had a dream we drove to Caboolture on Saturday night? We met a small dog owned by a lovely man.

    • OHMYGOSH… I had the same dream……. my version of the dream was really blurry and in slow motion…. I think I sang a song to the small dog in my version too…. while clutching a David Jones bag…. did someone feel unwell?

  3. Kara your head piece looked incredible, you totally pull that off! I think it should be mandatory for you to wear one everyday now. Dress is divine, so glad you had a lovely weekend, it’s always nice to have girls time. xxx

    • Thank you Jo! I wish I could wear one every day! You feel really special…. and floral. Very much looking forward to the wedding and seeing you! xxxx

  4. I vaguely remember the little dog gave you a special potion which enabled you to make it home just in time.

    • You mean in the dream Timothy O… in the dream the little tiny dog gave me a special potion….. to make me feel better for the long trip back from Caboolture to home…. xxxx I think the little dog loved my singing.

  5. WOW. Your shower looks amazing Kara. I love the headpiece (fantastic pic by the way) and the Collette Dinnigan dress is gorgeous. It gets me thinking that maybe I should have one too…hmmm. By the way, do you really have a freind called ‘Karmen’?? x

    • Hi Karmin – Yes, I do have a wonderful friend called Karmen…. I now have to pay extra special attention when I write to you, so I don’t slip an ‘e’ in there!…. I think you should have a Bridal Shower…. it was a delight!

  6. Oh what a beautiful looking day (and night) you had!!! You are too beautiful for words Kara, and I’m so happy to see you get silly spoilt by your girlfriends on such a special day. So jelly I missed out. If this is how great you looked at your bridal shower, I can not wait to see the wedding pic’s!! xxx lotsalove.

    • Hi Vic – it was so much fun; it would of been amazing if you could of been there, though there are a few thousand km in between us. All good! xxxxxx

  7. ha, wish i had a little dog give me a special potion to make it home! sign of a great night i think! Thanks for organising it Sally and it was lovely to be involved in such a special day for you Kara.

  8. It really was an amazing afternoon. So glad I was able to be apart of it.
    I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing than sitting in the garden watching the day pass you by. Very lucky!! xxxxx

  9. I finally have internet and this was the first thing I saw! ha ha ha What a FANTASTIC weekend! I had the best time ever but it will be a while before I touch any more bubbles. xxx

  10. What an awesome shower, Miss Kara, your dress was just gorgeous & only you can totally rock a headpiece – WoW & WoW!!
    So awesome to catch up with Karmen & all the girls. Spewing I missed Kenny… Counting the days…. Xxx Anne

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