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Wedding Vibe

Morning! Today’s post is a quick one as I’m about to dash out the door!

Thought I would share with your some shots from my ‘Wedding Vibe’ folder – yes, I created a ‘Wedding Vibe’ folder on my computer. I think the success to any event is in the strength of the vibe;  people coming together, relaxing, enjoying the company and most importantly having a great time. A great time = A great vibe!

K x

P. S. Apologies to all the very talented photographers who captured these stunning images; I don’t know your names to credit you. Though I’m sure I gathered all the shots from Snippet & Ink.


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10 Comments to “Wedding Vibe”

  1. Seriously you two!!! I love these shots – so beautiful! I am, of course, hoping there will be a donkey/goat/llama available for photos on the day…then it would be simply perfect. But not if his name is Pedro…

    • His name is Honduras, carrier of men, sower of seeds. I can’t confirm Honduras the donkey but I confirm their will be a happy hare.

  2. Oh my gosh……I’m feeling the vibe!!! Your day will be magical I am sure of it. Enjoy xoxoxoxo

  3. Very lovely Kara. I too am loving the outdoor table thing. Let’s just pray for clear skies on both our days. I’ve got a wedding vibe folder too – but it hasn’t had many uploads for the past few months!

    • I know what you mean Karmin…. you have to be in the right mind frame with lots of ample time to get lost in the images. x

  4. you wedding will be amazing Kara. i too am feeling the vibe seeing all these wonderful images. what an amazing day you will have with your handsome Mr Timothy O x

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