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Weekend in Pictures

Visiting our jeweller Matt Staff’s workshop on James Street to collect our wedding bands

Some of Matt’s scribbles. Jewellery making is very high tech!

Timothy O working on our wedding bits

Hearty vegetable soup for dinner

The afternoon turned into the evening, while watching the fire

Found a great patch of ‘fluffies’ Sunday morning

Directions to collect the old piano

Found: wedding piano!

My father and Timothy O figuring out how to pull apart the piano

Project Piano

Inside the piano

Inside the piano

The piano mid deconstruction in my father’s shed

Dad verses Piano

Found some old New Zealand newspaper’s in the shed

Ta Dah…. all back together again

Looking over these shots it seems as though Timothy O and I spent a lot of time in sheds and workshops this weekend, which is some what surprising as it was a ‘project wedding’ weekend! Amazing things happen in old dusty sheds and greasy workshops indeed.

On Saturday we went to visit our jeweller Matt Staff on James Street to see our wedding bands. I find Matt’s workshop so interesting; old tools of the trade on wooden workbenches, weights of gold and silver scribbled on his desk. Matt is our kind of jeweller!

We then came back to do some wedding ‘paper work’ and we made a hearty vegetable soup. While the soup was simmering I found an old piano available online to use in our wedding ceremony as a prop. I had been on the hunt for some time.

Sunday morning entailed my father, Timothy O and I squeezing into my father’s ute and crossing town early to collect the old heavy Stuttgard piano from a 90 year old man. It was his parents piano which they had before he was born. He told us that he will be celebrating his 90th birthday very soon and he doesn’t have the room in the garage for both the piano and the party – (must be some party!)

We loaded the piano onto the ute and brought the piano back to my father’s shed to deconstructed it in the effort to make it lighter to transport for our wedding. It was quite the musical job; with each string that was cut the piano would play it’s last note ever.

I then hunted around my father’s shed for bits; I’m never sure what I’m going to find in my father’s shed…. plenty of old good stuff. I came across an old copy of The New Zealand Herald that my father had kept since 1989, which reported a race our family harness racing horse was part of. It was nice to be taken back to the time in our family life.

 Then TImothy O and my father proudly put the piano back together again…. no one will ever know!

K x


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13 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

    • You like that Nikole! Yay! Lots of exciting things to touch base with you about. Not long now. SO excited to see you both! xxx

  1. What a weekend. It must be said that the piano insides weren’t in great condition, so it was pleasure to restore it so it can be appreciated.

    • Exactly… it was in bad condition, this way it will be celebrated. Most old things need a bit of a facelift from time to time Timothy O….. we seems to always be the ones doing these facelifts to old stuff don’t we….. house, caravan, furniture, piano, cars… the list goes on. So glad you met me huh! xx

  2. The piano looks great Kara. We spent our weekend in a hire van collecting eBay purchases all over brisbane!

  3. Oh ….. I must admit I got a bit chocked up when i read the part about the piano playing it’s last note! Imagine what that baby has heard and the laughter and tears it’s had shared around it! How incredible!! Anywho.. I’m slightly strange but music is something i love very much.. It’s so powerful.. Love your weekends! Cannot wait to see wedding pics! x

    • I know Katherine…. it was a bit sad…… the older gentleman was very attached to it, though it was time to move it on. Life can be like that I suppose. Bitter sweet. xx

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