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Wedding – Part One

Is this what you have been waiting for….. I think it is….

Here are our wedding photographs…. Timothy O and I were married on Friday the 20th of July at Spicers Peak Lodge on the Scenic Rim in Queensland in the most idyllic of locations. There is so much I want to say and people who I wish to thank, I’m not sure if I will be able to fit it into just one post. I may have to split it up… this way we can go on the journey together and not miss any of the little details… you know I love the details!

We asked our dear friend photographer Nikole Ramsay to shoot our wedding for us. Nikole and I met many years ago in London. As many of you know Nikole and I collaborate regularly as a photographer and props stylist team, so it felt like a natural choice to ask Nikole.  You can see more of her work here and here… for now don’t go anywhere, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our wedding. For us it was the most incredible day brimmed with love, joy and pure ecstatic happiness.

We invited 30 of our closest friends to our lunch time wedding at Spicers Peak Lodge two hours out of Brisbane. We chose Spicers Peak Lodge as it was where Timothy O proposed to me and also because Spicers Peak Lodge offered such flexibility in hosting our unique wedding. They never said ‘no’ once to any of our requests… and there were many many requests. Nothing was ever a problem, not even me redecorating the lodge the day before with two ute loads, a trailer and two cars’ worth of propping. The staff shared the journey with us like it was there own. Incredible.

We came up with three options for our guests; stay for two nights – being the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding or stay for the night of the wedding and party into the evening or just come for the day.

I designed our invitations with much thought and love, incorporating the dusty pinks and faded browns of the landscape of the Scenic Rim region. Just before I sent them to print I thought they needed a little ‘lift’, a bit of ‘perk’. I asked Sydney handwriting connoisseur Aleksandra Schutz to write our names in her trademark flirty font. Instant ‘perk’!

Being a destination wedding there was a little travel involved, so we sent out a playlist in the mail in advance to all of our guests with some of our favourite music to listen to on the drive out.

We also asked those staying for the night of the wedding to learn the words to ‘Sea of Love’ sung by Phil Phillips included in the playlist…. our guests didn’t know it at the time, however it was to be our bridal song and they were going to have to sing all the words out loud! Nothing like an activity to do while road tripping! As we drove past sun faded pastures and clusters of iconic silver gum trees we listened to The Rolling Stones, Andrew Bird, Nick Cave, The Dirty Three, Evenings, Johnny Cash and more. It was such a great way to get the show on the road and to wash the city off.

Once we arrived there was plenty of set up work. I’ll share the ‘behind the scenes’ shots later. Fast forward to the morning of the wedding!

Pin holes for the family, with our girls feathers.

I asked Anneliese Gomez of Hacienda Flowers to do our flowers which were absolutely perfect. (I loved them so much I didn’t want to leave them to go on our honeymoon!) The pin holes were made from our girls chicken feathers – of course, thank you Bettina, Gigi and Coco (Nigella’s black feathers didn’t work). We had the most bursting extra large wreath imaginable, as well as some beautiful vase arrangements. Dusty pink and blush roses, parrot tulips, pepperberry, wax and pink blushing brides… the whole gang were there. So beautiful.

Our rings in a birds nest which Timothy O found a few months back.

Something borrowed… from my very thoughtful friend Sally Ogilvie from Studio Sixty. This was a gift from Sally’s sister to Sally on her wedding day.  I felt very special and honoured when Sally offered it to me to wear.

Something Blue…. I teamed Sally’s pin with my Country Women’s Association pin… not that I’m part of the CWA… maybe one day if I get better at making scones.

The fabulous makeup artist Jacqlyn Nelson from Mecca Cosmetica doing my make up.

A gift to my father from Timothy O; his wedding tie and monogrammed pocket square from The Cloakroom.

My girlfriend and hairdresser Sonya Alexander helping me do my veil.

Getting very excited with my Mum and Dad.

Timothy O getting ready. Suit and shoes from The Cloakroom.

The trellis that our friends and family ingeniously helped erect the afternoon before.

The old piano we found and made into a sound system and signing table.

Jo Betz our endearing marriage celebrant who guided us through so much preparation work with such positivity! Love your work Jo!

We decided to have a ‘Ring Blessing’; it was a great opportunity to take some time to look around and really take in the moment. Our rings were in a little nest which our gorgeous friend Catherine passed around to each of our guests to hold and to take a moment.

The best part… walking down the aisle as husband and wife to ‘Aux Champs-Elysees’ by Joe Dassin… hilarious.

Chapter one of two. More to come…. very soon, I promise!

K xx


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40 Comments to “Wedding – Part One”

  1. I am speechless!!! These are amazing – you both look so beautiful! Everything looks so beautiful! I can’t wait for more!!! It was a wonderful, wonderful wedding! Congratulations to you both xxx

  2. A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Thank you for sharing every moment with such detail, I feel so much more apart of the day:) Can we PLEASE see you two in our final week in Bris/AUS before we leave for London? We will be there the week commencing on the 10th Sept. Pretty please! xx

  3. You did such an amazing job sweetie! Nikole was amazing, and our friends/family joyously pulled together to make such an occasion. We are so lucky.

  4. LOVE these photos Kara – thank you so much for sharing. I love the individuality and all the inspiration. As someone who’s only weeks away from my own wedding, I appreciate all the work and thought that’s gone into making everything look fantastic. Congratulations x

    • Hi Shikira! Thank you! I can actually say all those things back to you! Wow! Amazing! Gorgeous! Stunning! Congratulations on Baby Number Two on it’s way! x

  5. So beautiful, Kara! I’m tearing up just looking at the pics! I imagine the actual day was even more moving! xx

    • Hey Erin! Oh… tears, oh… tears of joy I hope. ha. There were many tears of happiness shed on our day, plus lots of laughter! Part Two coming on Monday! x

  6. What beautiful photographs, every one is a cracker – it looks like such a happy, happy day. Absolutely lovely. And LOVE Timothy’s hair – so wild and woolly!

  7. What a vision of splendour and love! Thanks for sharing!
    Loved the commentary:) just gorgeous xxx big hugs from Swiss-land

  8. Kara! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these. You look so beautiful and that photo of you and your mum sharing a moment together is so special. Tim looks great, you look stunning and I’m happy to see the fluffies made it down the aisle too. You’ve got me excited about my wedding now! Miss you!


    • Karmen! You bet the fluffies made it to the wedding day…. you just wait for the Behind the Scenes post next week… you may be debuting! xxxx

  9. To Kara & Tim, Thank you very much for showing me your lovely Wedding photo’s they wear fabulous,what a love place to have a function, & your Mum & Dad looked lovely, & so proud parents of you.All the best for the both of you’s & enjoyed your life together as Husband & Wife.

    • Hi Thyra – thank you for the comment. Mum will be scratching her head trying to figure out how to comment on the blog now!
      Yes, Mum and Dad looked lovely. Such a great day! x

  10. WoW & WOW…. such beautiful shots! I had tears rolling down my cheeks by the time I got to the bottom, Nikole has done a fabulous job at capturing the day.
    And you kids…. so in LORVE – such a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Much love to you both xxx

  11. Kara!

    So magical, what a beautiful day. You and Timothy look splendid and you did the most wonderful job of styling. The two of you look so so happy and what a beautiful wedding xx

  12. This is the 1000 time i have looked at these.. You + Timothy + flowers + family + everything = INCRDIBLE.. I wish we were friends.. Ha! I have no words.. You are STUNNING Kara.. Just wonderful and Beautiful.. xxx

    Oh.. Ps.. A friend of mine have finally started a little business (only after wanting to forever) . We are sourcing ethnic goodies and the like.. It’s called “belle & boheme” we are on instagram and I’m still stalking you + your husbands’ pictures! We will be doing a market stall in Perigian but maybe on-line one day also.. Hoping to come to see you all and Frankie on Saturday too.. x

    • Hi Katherine… aren’t you lovely. We can be friends if you like! hehe! :) That’s wonderful news about your new venture! I know Belle & Boheme on instagram – I’m following you aren’t I… I better make sure now. See you tomorrow ‘Friend Katherine”! x

  13. Oh Kara, your wedding is so beautiful. Congratulations on the Country Style feature. And I love Aux Champs Elysees! It’s the funnest song. It’s a proper ‘pub’ song here – every one hugs each other, spilling their pints of beer and sings it at the top of their voices. Much love xx

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