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Last Week’s Weekend in Pictures… late… ohmy

Shoe Lasts A GoGo

Stock on the trestle tables

Spring has Sprung

Timothy O with a lamb!

Me with a lamb!

Love at first sight! Hugo the poodle!

Gardenias have come out

Painting the deck

Lulu Lucky’s Hmong Clutch!

I know, I know…. where have I been. I have felt terrible. I’m sure so many of you have been here to vistit with high hopes and have left feeling disappointed that I hadn’t updated anything. I am so sorry! Trust me, I have been feeling really guilty! The only upside I can offer you is that I have been working on something really really exciting, which I will be able to tell you about later in the year. Though for now things are back to normal!

Weekend in Pictures from two weekends ago….eeek

Well, it was a market weekend, so we had the pleasure to see all of our ‘Market FriendFolk’.

Our friends Tillari Trotters brought in a lamb to the market! Too many cuddles to count!

Timothy O and I then both fell completely in love with Hugo the farm poodle. Ohmygosh. I just wanted to run away with him in my arms. Hugo I think is our dream dog.

We came home and I noticed that the gardenias are out – so fragrant. We then painted the deck…. and it was all hands on deck to get it finished in time….

I then opened up a gorgeous birthday gift from my girlfriend Lulu Lucky who came by the market! To my absolute joy it was one of her Vintage Hmong Clutches which I had been lusting after for some time. Hello New Bag Love!

That was it. Again I am so sorry fo the absence. It won’t happen again.

K x



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8 Comments to “Last Week’s Weekend in Pictures… late… ohmy”

  1. Oh Hello.. I actually hadn’t even noticed you hadn’t updated.. NOT.. I was devastated Mrs O.. Hehe..
    Well it was wonderful and i loved every minute of it.. That bebe goat is possibly the cutest little bitty thing EVER, and cute kids and cool dogs what a beautiful weekend.. That clutch is cool though too.. ;) I wonder what you have been working on.. Hmmmm.. xxxxx

  2. I wish my gardenias looked as healthy as yours Kara. By any chance do you still have the old bird cage that you have pictured? I’m sure the answer will be no, but it doesn’t hurt to ask :)

    • Hi Cheryl; I think the answer is liquid seeweed for the gardenias. My ones love it! The birdcage actually just sold yesterday Cheryl. Thank you for your comment. I’m looking out for more birdcages. xxxx

      • Thanks for the tip Kara, will give the gardenias a little dose today. Thought that would be the case, it was so pretty. Have a great day Kara.x

  3. The bag is stunning Kara! My mother in law surprised me with few of those little old plant pots she found on her friend’s farm, apparently there are more waiting for me, yay. I really love the look of the straight pot without the ‘collar’. x

    • Me too Sneaky Magpie… I like the colar-less ones too… I wonder why we like those ones more. Do you think they look more traditional? I wonder why the collar was added to flower pots? Decoration maybe. xxx

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