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Under the Weather

Timothy O has woken up ill…. sore throat, temperature, feeling hot, feeling cold… not good. I just made him some honey and lemon to help his spirits along…. we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so he had better get it together by then!

I had been wanting to use this amazing honeycomb for a while now, so I decided ‘today is the day’! Honeycomb blows my mind….

K x

©Kara Rosenlund


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7 Comments to “Under the Weather”

  1. Oh no! Maybe you should have some yourself? Just in case! I love honeycomb too – it is the most beautiful things created by my favourite insects of all time. Can my spirit animal be a bee??

    • I did splash some whiskey in there Tricia – and cloves….. He has recovered, though still would like to keep ‘Whiskey Hour’ open… haha x I had to google a neti pot… now I know, I ha never heard of one before. How very practical! x

  2. Oh no Timothy O !

    Get well soon.

    That photo is so beautiful. Can’t stop looking at the honeycomb!! And what you said about the chooks thinking whatever you do in the garden is theirs…yes…I completely agree. Why all those vegies must be for us! they cackle merrily digging up months of coaxing seedlings from seeds…

    • I have been wanting to do exactly that Hannah! That is why I had the honeycomb in the pantry! Will definitely try the combo out… very soon! xx

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