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Lately… also known as Weekend in Pictures

Where to start… where to start…. I think it is safe to say it has been a busy couple of weeks and my lovely blog has fallen victim to the whirlwind. Let’s start with Nigella… oh Nigella, you are my Elizabeth Taylor…. so beautiful with your glossy black feathers and plump bum, though you are completely high maintenance and crazy expensive to run. Nigella had a visit to the avian vet which resulted in her having an operation to remove her ‘bumble foot’ (google it if you are interested, sounds cute though bumble foot is a total foot nasty if you are a chicken). Anyway last Saturday was really really hot and Nigella wasn’t looking so good (pale chicken face and panting) so I brought her upstairs in her basket and put two fans on her… see totally an Elizabeth Taylor

Then from no where this crazy storm rolled in… the sky turned black and it looked like it was the evening when really it was only 11am… Nigella and I made the most of the theatre and lit some candles to get into the storm mood while rushing around closing windows and doors.

The storm passed and Timothy O and I headed to our friend and photographer Toby Scott’s 30th birthday party.

Spiced rum punch.

Nigella Elizabeth Taylor still wasn’t looking too good so we brought her to the party too!

Sneaking breadcrumbs under the table.

An amazing grazing lunch.

I had never had pork pies before…. they were unbelievable! I had to move seats just to be away from the continual temptation…

The next morning Timothy O and I headed to a new motorcycle cafe around the corner called Rocker Classic Motorcycle Cafe. Coffee was amazing as too were the bikes. You can have a chai and talk gear. Could become our new local, they have bands in the evenings too… we may need to buy a motorcycle to fit in though…. not sure if our Dutch bicycles with baskets cut it with the leather and beard crowd.

Discovered one single zucchini flower growing in our veggie garden.

Picked it, stuffed it, fried it and ate it… well, Timothy O and I shared it…. we are such farmers now…. watch out world. Muttered with complete sarcasm.

Then I went to Sydney for a couple of days.

I bought these pretty peonies from Grandiflora for a gorgeous Sydney sider friend.

We devoured a long lunch at Kitchen By Mike in Rosebery.

Came back home and then visited Timothy O’s folks for morning tea.

Picked up a bunch of lisianthus…. the Queensland heat got to them and they died the following day.

I came back from Sydney with some ‘new old’ original light switches, so Timothy O got to work changing them over.

I left some crumbs on the bench for the chickens and turned my back for a second and it was an ant party. I have to keep anything sweet in the fridge at the moment, random ant parties are becoming way to common in the kitchen. I’m not a fan.

Decided to put the Christmas Tree up.

This is our Christmas Tree being assembled… I will go into how you too can make one soon.

Ta Dah… Christmas has arrived in our house. I truly am sorry I left you hanging for two weeks. See you tomorrow.

K x


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9 Comments to “Lately… also known as Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Oh Nigella, what a funny little lady, such a party animal, pun not intended! I felt silly serving our chooks watermelon this morning, but you made me feel normal again Kara, ha! Except the Christmas tree part. That is not normal, that is amazing! Do they have those at Big W Eastland? Sigh.

    • Hi Nami – I think you can get them from Ringwood, hahah…… hey – my chickens love rockmelon too, they go crazy for the seeds….. plus porridge – made on water; just oats and water. Ah, I am glad my craziness allows you to feel normal! hahaha xx

  2. I just love that you took Nigella to the party…how gorgeous! That’s some dedicated parenting!
    Love LOVE the Christmas tree… But sure my children would destroy in seconds..
    Mwa mwa xxx a

    • Annie – we had too…. didn’t want to miss a great party… hahaha…. I bet the kids wouldn’t destroy it… it’s made of sticks from our trees in the backyard… very hardy. xxxxxxx

    • Hi Debra, How are you?… I was on your blog earlier today… lovely, just lovely! Nigella is in grand health now, loving life and of course loving the spotlight being on her (Elizabeth Taylor)….. Thank you so much for your comment. xxx

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