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Names for the New Chickens….

Here we have it…. one week on and we finally have names for the new girls. Timothy O and I went backwards and forwards with names… not able to decide…. until just recently…

The one on the left is called Cecelia; as in the Simon and Garfunkel song.

The one on the right is called Trixie; I can tell she will be trouble… she has a very determined personality and is very curious and outgoing….she definitely is a Trixie…

Thank you so much for all your beautiful names!

Market this Saturday!

K xx


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8 Comments to “Names for the New Chickens….”

  1. Gorgeous girls!!!! Am determined to make the markets this Saturday!!!
    Fingers crossed no one gate crashes this Mum’s schedule in the meantime…
    Much luv… Xxxx anne

  2. Love it Kara. They have such expressive faces already don’t they! I saw your name pop up on a blog I read by pia bijkerk the other day, you’re becoming quite prolific!! Great to see, you have such natural talent and clearly a momentous work ethic- you deserve the exposure. Merry Chrissy as well!

    • Merry Christmas Susie! Thank you for your comment… things are coming together here in Blogland… haha… hope you have a great break! xx

  3. Ah, we have got Cecilia ear marked for our next Irish setter pup. She is a good five years away bit good to plan ahead! So happy for all the lovely places i see your blog mentioned lately :)

    • Hi lillie…… Cecilia is a very pretty name… great dog name too! Thank you…. yes, the blog seems to be popping up all over the place, which is great… thank you for your support! xxx

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