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Weekend in Pictures – Seaside Fun

Timothy O and I decided to leave the city and join my parents on a little slow paced island over the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s birthday.

It was idyllic…. calm waters, blue skies, sunshine and lots of native wildlife.

We made camp on the sand dunes and swam all day.

I combed the foreshore looking for interesting sea treasure.

My Dad, sitting in the cool after swimming.

Soldier crab sand balls.

We also visited the Seaside Museum which was nearby and we learnt so much more about this tiny island that I never knew.

There was a very old and extensive specimen collection of local fish at the museum.

We also learnt about the reclusive artist Ian Fairweather. Fairweather is considered to be one of Australia’a greatest painters of all time. He used to live in amongst the Bribie Pines in an old hut on the island and paint…. Robert Hughes and Margaret Olley amongst others would make the journey up from Sydney to visit him and stay in his shack.

The following day we did more of the same… walked, swam and enjoyed the beach.

We found where Ian Fairweather’s shack used to be, in amongst the pines.

Then we finished off the day with some local fresh prawns.

Can’t wait to do it all again very soon.

K x


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7 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Seaside Fun”

  1. What an amazing weekend. It makes it very tricky to get back to normality!
    I can still feel the sun on my skin as I float out into the sea on the magic tyre.

    • Yes… you sure loved that tyre Timothy o….We might have to get another tyre for our next trip…. someone didn’t want to ‘share’ his tyre….. xx

  2. Stunning photos, truly capture the magic of that little place. My mum lived there as a girl (before the bridge) and has a little place there now, we often have a quiet weekend there, scouring the shores. So many of your photos resonated with my childhood memories – thank you!!

    • Elizabeth… that sounds divine… I wish we had a place there… looking forward to taking Frankie the caravan there over Christmas… Oh, before the bridge…. bless…….. Such a special little island… xxx

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