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Resolutions for 2013

©Kara Rosenlund

Happy New Year All… I’m not one for resolutions, however after cleaning the fridge out yesterday I become quite shocked at the amount of beautiful produce Timothy O and I wasted over the festive break. Each year at about this time I make batches of pea and ham soup, I bake quiches for friends and family (secretly shipping the ham off to other people’s fridges so it doesn’t go to waste). So this year I am making even more of an effort to down size what we eat and spend more time in the garden producing it. Timothy O already has one up one me with these heirloom pumpkins he cut off yesterday…. Looks like we will be having pumpkin with ham tonight.

K x


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9 Comments to “Resolutions for 2013”

  1. Morning Kara, yesterday we read about intentions for the new year rather than resolutions….what a good term.
    Best wishes to you, Timothy O and your feathered friends in the garden…in no time at all it will be a marvellous area.

  2. Loving that word intentions. It is definitely happening. Hoping my tinkering last year has set a good foundation for 2013. What made me really happy yesterday is the little lemon basil finally sprouting from our planters on the chicken coop. Can’t wait!

    Oh if anyone likes passionfruits let us know. We are about to have about 100 ripe.

  3. If only more of us could have those values! I’m always really envious of you keeping chickens – I live in a conservation area and it is one of the things not allowed. Intentions is so much more appropriate than resolutions – I intend to practice my intentions every day!

  4. What a wonderful resolution. We work really hard at it too. Those pumpkins are a spectacular start to the year!

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