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Weekend in Pictures

How was your weekend? On Saturday I finally got around to framing this photograph of my mother. I found this bone frame only recently… I think it works well…

I visited my friend and antique dealer Tony at Virginia Antiques and found this old French postcard book…

Timothy O and I decided to go out and escape the summer heat … we ended up at Sixes and Sevens for a few afternoon drinks…

We then went vinyl shopping…

Came home and excitedly gave this new record a spin…. it’s going back… we both didn’t like it…I blame the afternoon drinks on this failed purchase.

Timothy O structured up some netting for the girls to add some extra shade in the garden…. think Timothy O has been watching too much Wes Anderson…. we love Wes way too much….

Sunday morning clocked around and we were up early to do a shoot for a local magazine… wish I had dusted off my knees… eek.

Called into the Italian deli on the way home and picked up a jar of these gems… Lupini… delicious! You should try them… very healthy and make good weekend snacks instead of nuts or chips….

The gang came upstairs to see what was happening…. they alway want to know what is happening….

At the deli I picked up a few ingredients to make a Nigella Lawson recipe I was on TV through the week…. ‘Parsley and Anchovy Spelt Pasta’…. It was rather good for Sunday lunch….

…was even better cold later on in the afternoon…..

Timothy O planned and measured out his new garden beds…

Timothy O in his element…

I found some old American children’s flash cards….

…. and then decorated my way into the hen house…. if only we could have a rooster girls… we all wish you could…

… and this is me right now…. well… sort of… I’m about to hit the road on what I hope to be a really exciting journey…. I’ll tell you more about that later in the week… If it’s good you’ll hear about it, if it’s not, than maybe I won’t bore you!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

K x


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17 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Love your snapshots…………..esp. your henny pennys……………….we should try to get you to come out to St George/Dirranbandi one day!!!! Maybe the Weengallon Ladies Day Out (massive day to raise money for breast cancer)………..

  2. Love your weekend posts :) Your photos are always so beautiful and idyllic (mind you, I suspect lots of hard work goes into the making-of! ;). xx

  3. So Beautiful!
    I must get my husband a tool belt, he’s always losing things while he works and spends half the time looking for them.
    Darn Nigella and that pasta, I’ve been thinking about it all week (and I haven’t eaten pasta in months!!).

  4. OOH great pictures. Shame about the record- we have that one too-in the right mood it is good. Is it from Title? They might let you swap it- get Bill Evans- Sunday at the village vanguard- This is my most treasured vinyl. Slipping it on sunday afternoon with a lazy drink- is an awesome end to the weekend.

    Big hugs and love

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