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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

How was your weekend? Mine was a bit painful… I’m having wisdom teeth problems…. I know, I know.. I should just have them removed… I’m just a bit scared of the dentist….


Our passionfruit are dropping ‘passion’ all over the yard…. delicious…. when Timothy O and I first moved in my father said it would be a nice gesture to plant a passionfruit tree along one of the fences so all the neighbours could benefit from the fruit… so we did… shame most of our neighbours are putrid….


Timothy O played this African Jazz vinyl a lot… Mali Jazz to be exact….


This oversized salvaged piece of mirror made it’s way into our house…love… now need to get it framed….


My parents called in to say hello and by sheer coincidence I had just finished baking this cheesecake with candied orange… I know… crazy… I totally impressed myself… plus I got some gold stars for having something on hand to ‘entertain’ with…. doesn’t always happen that way….


I wore this new polka dot jumper all weekend… even though we are in stinky high summer … I am dreaming of winter….


Almost threw away these spent native proteas, though at the last minute I decided to take them out of their stinky water and dry them… they are really beautiful…


Found ‘Peter’ the 1943 watercolour gelding… he is a bit special…..


Also found this natural and navy woven bag…. ohmygosh I love this combination…


Then Timothy O left for Sydney… I lit the ‘special’ candle aka expensive, ordered takeaway, oh, how the standards drop when partners go away and watched Sound City and The Mexican Suitcase.

Hope you had a great weekend,

K x


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33 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Oh no Kara! I can sympathise. My wisdom teeth have been playing up for the last month and I am too chicken to go to the dentist…cause I know he will want them out. Luckily I have SM33 to stop the hurt. Have you tried that? It makes bonjella seem like water. I hope your pain goes away. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend otherwise.
    Ness xx

  2. I love that bag – if you ever get a new bag, you know, one that you love, I am always on hand to take that one off your hands!!! I am also very glad that you didn’t bring any cheesecake over for me – that looks delicious!!!

  3. Just wanted to say I loved your story. Your photos show true depth and are so interesting to look at. Just wanted to let you know Cheers Kate

  4. Pleased it was a substantially less dramatic weekend than your previous one Kara. That cheesecake looks amazing – Id be very pleased with myself if I had made such a delicious looking treat too!

  5. This is a lovely weekend in pictures Kara! Love the look of that cheesecake, and of course the picture of Peter the horse.

  6. These images are divine! Boo to sore choppers but yay to a heavenly new bag and new/old mirror. So looking forward to having a potter around Frankie for the first time this weekend. Be gone rain clouds!! Wishing you a shiny and bright week :) x
    P.S. A good wisdom teeth story….I had all mine out in the chair. From the time I sat down til the time I paid took 20 minutes!

  7. Hello! Hello! Aside from those nasty wisdom (teeth) issues you have another lovely post and we adore the polka dot number. Hoping you feel much better today – dentist or no dentist.

  8. Oh Kara, I feel your pain! I have been smearing a little of that on my aching gums lately too. I am also terrified of the dentist but have booked myself an appointment for next week. Wish me luck, maybe you should do the same… Passionfruit, polka dots and proteas. What a wonderful combination. And that cheesecake, oh my! Thank you once again for sharing. x

      • Yes Kara, a true wuss when it comes to the dentist I am! FYI – I was told an amber pendant around your neck can help with tooth ailments… I have just found myself one, and it may be mind over matter but it seems to be helping. Still going to the dentist too though. Good to hear yours is feeling better. xxx

  9. Hi Kara- get them out!!! Short term pain for long term freedom! Take it from one who had to get two wisdom teeth out at once! Cheese cake looks so good- my plan for this weekend is to bake a lemon brulee tart and hopefully see some more sunshine- here in NSW its been cold and rainy a lot lately! xx Corrina

  10. Hi Kara- just catching up on a few of your posts and enjoying everything about them! Tip about wisdom teeth- they never go away: therefore……. warm salt water mouth rinses……..keep as clean as possible around the area……….make an appointment with a dentist you trust, they may refer you to an oral surgeon, even better.
    The interesting thing about wisdom teeth is they always flare up and cause pain when you’re a little run down and stressed- just when you don’t need to be dealing with them—- Good luck :)

  11. You are a very creative person, and I am inspired by your blog. Is it possible to have your cheesecake recipe. Looks very delicious. Thank you, Beth

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