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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

It was a wet weekend here in Brisbane…. the light was darker and the air was a touch cooler….We had hoped to do some exterior painting of the house though the weather took care of those plans…. instead Timothy O and I headed off early Saturday morning to an old little town we hadn’t visited together in a long time…


… we came home with an array of wonderful old thick glass bottles and vessels…


… old and heavy worn wooden rolling pins and buckets….


…. even a french postal ‘sac’ found it’s way home with us…


This set of butchers hooks was a recent rusty find; come Saturday afternoon Timothy O gave them a sand and I gave them a coat of ‘stove oven black’ … I had been after a small set of these for such a long time… they are bound for the kitchen ceiling…..tonight.


Sunday morning brunch was simple hot cross buns on the go…


We received a belated wedding gift from a close friend who had returned from the UK. This basket was filled with the most sentimental treasures one could imagine…the sort of treasures to wish you well into married life….


Had a chat to the pumpkins to make sure everything is on track….


Timothy O quickly mowed in between the rainy patches….


I think it’s time to start thinking about a new laundry….


Everything just got wet… including the girls….


I spent a lot of time in here on Sunday….I noticed I like to have a lot of things around me in the kitchen… it just feels really warm and safe to have all the different textures at arms length to use and admire… in other rooms of the house it’s not like this at all, you would swear I’m a minimalist ok, not really, who am I kidding, though you know what I mean… 


Come the afternoon Timothy O and I had an early dinner of grilled sardines and ciabatta…


… and then we wasted no time getting into this large golden ‘Creme Caramel’….  when I was little my mother used to occasionally buy pre-made creme caramels from the supermarket in plastic little pots…..I used to love them, especially the sweet caramel syrup…. This homemade one was completely out of this world and delicious… I will be making it again. Recipe to come…

Hope you all had a great weekend…

K x


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12 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Your photos and home are just so incredible, it makes this minimalist consider putting more things in her kitchen ;) !!! I am especially excited as yesterday I spoke to a family friend who works in the food industry about wooden chopping boards – I was still of the old thoughts that wood was considered poor hygiene. I was delighted when she said that new reports show that it’s not and that she now also uses wood boards again. So my next mission is to acquire a couple for the kitchen. Thank you for sharing your inspiring and stunningly beautiful images!

  2. Such gorgeous finds! What a beautiful way to spend a drizzly weekend. And creme caramel…divine! Your kitchen is all sorts of lovely and no wonder you want to potter about in there. Wishing you a beautiful week :) x

  3. Lovely, as always! I’m starting to feel ashamed of my Tupperware-tidy kitchen. It’s very boring next to your gorgeous vintage finds! Part of my weekend included admiring a bit of your styling in the latest Country Style! I’m liking all this collaboration… :D

  4. Hi Kara, we had the most beautiful, sunny weekend here (Jervis Bay South Coast NSW) I even got sunburnt! I made the most devine lemon tart to celebrate a special ocasion with family after a scrummy picnic lunch at the beach0 devine. Love your kitchenalia the whites/textures and that little bowl with the ‘K’ for Kara? cute xx Corrina Tough.

  5. That K bowl !!! Ahhhh ! Next time you come over can you make my kitchen look like yours ? The girls look the cutest wet and that viva la france postage sack is incredible ! Ryan was “blue-ing” or however you spell it some metal and it’s kinda like that stove black .. You should try it .. Oil and fire or something but it comes up amazing ! xxxxx

  6. Ps . I LOVED Creme Caramel .. When you pulled off the little plastic tabs ! The best .. Need this reciepe .. Looks amazing bird .. x

  7. We could do with a share of some rain here in Tassie…it’s so dry here. Loving your new Kitchen arrangement too. We have so many of the same pieces, it’s freaky…in a good way.
    Glad you had a great weekend and found so many brilliant pieces.
    Ness xx

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