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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Weekend in Pictures… and what a wet, dark and gloomy weekend it was… I really can’t believe how much rain we have had recently… Timothy O and I hit the road in the rain to collect Frankie the caravan who was having some repairs done… I have the most amazing caravan repair man, so if you need his number let me know…


I came across a collection of handmade French wooden salt and mustard spoons… and the odd honey drizzleryes, that is what the honey things are called. All bound for this Friday’s online shop update.


I also found this exquisite fan… I don’t think it will be going on the online shop just yet… I want to play with it a bit first…


Came back home and it really was too wet to do anything except read… I found an old 1979 copy of ‘The Well-Equipped Kitchen’ from the Time Life series which I had been meaning to flip through… it covered topics such as essential tools and their names for the kitchen, an essential list of cookware and even a list for essentials for the cupboard… all of which are my secret indulgences. I was pleased to see that much has not really changed in over 30 years when it comes to the ‘essential kitchen’.


Sunday rolled around and it was still raining.…. it’s funny when the elements dictate certain things to you…. the rain was telling me that I needed a proper outdoor coat hook to hang raincoats and harbour hats on it was really telling me that I was really over this mountain of wet stuff growing like Everest on the deck and if I didn’t sort something out I was going to have a slight breakdown – yes, a bit dramatic I know , so that was what Timothy O and I did, made a coat rack.


… after the coat rack I sorted some bits out around the house…


… didn’t get around to hanging this pile of artwork… they are all still hanging out in the hallway…


… though I did get around to hanging the butcher’s meat hooks, which I have since found out are actually a set of butcher’s sausage hooks.


.. it then became dark and rained even harder on our old tin roof…. so I had a look in the fruit bowl and found some pears and decided to make Pear Tarte Tatin


… Timothy O and I ate it straight out of the oven as we watched the rain come down…. hello autumn….. recipe to come

K x


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15 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

    • The pear tarte tatin was very delicious I must admit Amy…. thank you for your kind words… recipe coming this afternoon. x

  1. It’s crazy to think you are starting autumn and we are starting spring.
    I love love love your weekend updates!
    I tried the cream cheese, honey, cinnamon toast. It was fantastic.
    Good night from Seattle Wa. USA

    • I know.. it’s weird, well not really weird, rather weird to get your head around…. SO pleased you enjoy the updates Jenny…. Timothy O read your comment earlier and he was thrilled you tried the cinnamon/cream cheese toast…. it’s a keeper that one! Kara x

    • Oh, yes, despite the rain.. I don’t really mind the rain Lynda…. just wish I had a tank to make the most of it. Lovely to hear from you xxx

  2. I love your honey spoons and that book…the lists are perfect! Can’t believe you have had so much rain up there while we are hanging for it here in Tassie. I see you are getting sunshine all this week though…Yay! The pear photo is amazing!!
    Ness xx

    • I know… so much rain Ness… I actually do love the rain and appreciate it as there are many like yourself you desperately need it… it does surprise me how destructive it can be though. Recipe coming this afternoon x

  3. I’m texting you in the morning about those spoons .. Seriously amazing .. If I looked at my fruit bowls I’d just have seen pears ! You are a whole different planet amazing beautiful ! Seriously .. Just too much talent .. Ps: is your repair guy hot and single ? I might get his number .. Haha! xxx

    • The caravan guy? Haha… yeh… I think he is both single and hot…. hahaha…. nah, he is married to a wonderful girlfriend of mine who is very clever with words and is very witty… a lot like yourself really! Ha… cheeky x

    • Ha.. no Thermomix Sally…. very old school and traditional the approach to this list was..I really think it was more like 1960’s European….. ha… I actually just googled the Thermomix… they can’t be serious! Looking forward to seeing you too! x

  4. I love how you find the silver lining in your world! Such magnificent images of inspiring things. I really think you should hold styling classes at your home. You wouldn’t have to pack anything up and you have such amazing props at your fingertips. And you could cook pear tarte tatin!!! It would be so very beautiful! (Ok that’s my two cents worth!) Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine (fingers crossed) and sparks of magic. Your work inspires me no end lovely Kara :) xx

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