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Travel Diary

Melbourne in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Where to begin….. what a big two weeks it has been since my last post…. I am so sorry about the minor posting lapse…. thought you wouldn’t mind too much…. this post will make up for it I hope… xxx Grab yourself a cup of tea… it’s a long post today….

Two weeks ago I hit the road from Brisbane to drive down to Melbourne to host my ‘Vignette Workshops’ with Megan Morton’s ‘The School’... I also had a little capsule ‘Travelling Wares’  market pop up at the workshops…


I headed out to Toowoomba, through to Goondiwindi, down over the border on to The Newell Highway, through Moree, Narrabri, then out to Gunnedah for my first evening stop.


I came across this very sweet cottage on sunset at Gunnedah …. the matching candy striped chairs made my heart sing…. I imagined a sweet old couple who come out at dusk, sit down on the chairs and listen to the radio together or Slim Dusty and watch the cars and life drive through their town…


The next day was much of the same; out to Coonobarabran, down to Gilgandra, Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes, Narrandera, Jerilderie, Finely and Tocumwal…

I just loved how much the landscape changed…. Cotton country, cattle country and dairy country… so inspiring to see the changing colour palette of all these different regions…


rosenlund_006 rosenlund_007 rosenlund_008

One very classy Motel I called home for a night in Tocumwal…. even the 1970’s shag pile carpet was original in the room… eewww…..




The landscape just covered me with the goosebumps….. the beauty was electric….


Then I finally arrived in Melbourne Town… and was greeted by a beautiful array of autumnal colours…..


I arrived at my girlfriend Amy’s house which was such a comfort…. after being on the road for three days it was so welcoming to share a beautiful home cooked meal with her and her gorgeous little family of boys….


Amy’s rooftop at dawn….


I then made my way over to Small Giants in St Kilda which hosted The School’s Melbourne Roadshow by Megan Morton…. a stunning sprawling mansion in St Kilda, one of the last remaining, with grand proportions and extravagant art deco finishes….


An exquisite chandelier…..


Preparing the room for the evening ‘Vignette Workshops’…. it was so wonderful to meet so many people… thank you so much to all who came to the classes….. I had the best time and I hope you did too xxx


Foraged branches and flowers all made their way into the Small Giants residence… courtesy of my wonderful new foraging friend ‘A Floral Frenzy’ Phil….


The heady fragrance from the flowers was captivating…. and the sheer beauty of foraged wild garden roses as opposed to farmed roses was breathtaking…. seriously…. I now want to plant a rose garden in the backyard… and maybe sleep in a hammock amongst them all at night…


rosenlund_023 rosenlund_024

Branches and branches of foraged crab apple for the classes….


Part of our market pop up…..


Timothy O flew down for the workshops and on one morning we had a few hours spare, so we went for a little walk around Prahran where we were staying….. we came across Wootten….. this amazing guy named Jess who makes the most incredible crafted leather wares…. more coming on that later…. he needs a whole blog post dedicated just to him….


Timothy O and I then headed over to see Sue from Trove…. we share such a similar eye…. I just fell in love with her shop on High street Prahran…..

rosenlund_028 rosenlund_029

Early the next morning Timothy O and I hit The Camberwell Market….. founds lots of treasure for home….



Then before I knew it Timothy O had flown out and I was back on the road…. me and my ute, being so in awe of the beauty of Australia….


Loved this little cottages’ nook out the front……

rosenlund_033 rosenlund_034

Some amazing sale yards outside Gundagai with early morning fog…


Dawn on a foggy morning near Goulburn amongst the golden gumtrees….

So, that was Melbourne….. the next School Roadshow with myself and Megan Morton is in July, I have just released another day after the first and second days have sold out. If you would like to come along click here.…. then The School’s Roadshow goes to Tasmania….x

Normal ‘Weekend in Pictures’ coming tomorrow;

Sounds weird, though I really missed you guys! Glad to be home and back to blogging.

K xx


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18 Comments to “Melbourne in Pictures”

  1. Beautiful photos Kara! You have certainly managed to capture our wonderful landscape on your journey. My husband and I drove to Melbourne a few years ago (but in the middle of Summer) and we drove the same route, so reading about the towns you passed through brought back some wonderful memories thanks :)

  2. Can I be totally annoying and ask what kind of camera/lens you used for the country shots? The crispness and beautiful blue contrasting with the straw colours is just so beautiful…I’m in the market for a camera upgrade so I’d love to hear. Thx. Amazing photos.

    • Hi Laura; it’s not an annoying question at all, except the truth really is that it’s not the camera which will make your images look like that…. you really have to see the images with your eyes and then capture them with your camera. Does that make sense. I get asked all the time and I am always very open about my gear, except at the end of the day the gear doesn’t capture the images, you do. I used to think I needed the best camera out there to make the best photographs, though it really lies more with how you see the world. I just use a DSLR Canon. xx

  3. So beautiful Kara. Only you could make my roof look that gorgeous!
    Come back and stay soon xxx

    I LOVE that photo of Goulburn at Dawn. So clever. x

  4. As always, stunning photographs…Thanks guys, it was so lovely to meet you and be inspired! Hope you come back to Melbourne soon x

    • We will be beck in Melbourne before you know it Louise! Loved our time in Melbourne. Thank you so much for coming along to the workshop xx

  5. Wow. Incredible photos. I love living at the beach, but I miss living in inland NSW-it’s just stunning. Espcially in autumn!

  6. Oh Kara, these photos! I drove that journey every year from the age of 4 to the age of 17 to visit my grandparents. Then moved to Melbourne when I was 19 and did the trip up over the next 6 years. The memories of the landscape, the pitstops with mums homemade sandwiches and frozen juices. Slim Dusty playing… It is all in my head. Thank you for reminding me!

    Can’t wait to see you soon in the flesh, crazy! Em (little tienda) xx

  7. Kara, you’re wow’ing the east coast with your endless smiles and big talents, and sharing your beautiful photography as you go. Well done my dear. So so nice to continue to see. (HEY I’m back in bris at the end of this month/beginning of next – no excuses. You, me and a cup of tea!) xx

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