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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was a bit unexpected…. what I was expecting to do was to be able to catch up on some work; all my travels lately means I’m a bit behind on a few things…. however come Saturday I seemed to have forgotten about that plan….

I gathered a whole bunch of eucalyptus around the corner, I was meant to be exercising, however I took my secateurs just incase and came home with armfuls of foliage – still counts as exercise I’m sure…..


… the washing machine got a bit of a workout, boring, but a necessity  after consecutive days of overcast weather the sun finally came out and with it big blue winter skies…


… I went sourcing and came across this collection of old horn spoons…. love the organic patterns on them…


… I also came across a few old and weathered emu eggs…. I’m more of an ostrich egg fan myself, however I couldn’t resist how rough and worn this trio of eggs were…..


… Timothy O and I discovered by accidents, there were squeals of fright that we have a little furry freeloader living in our basket on the deck… For the past few weeks I had been collecting household paper in the basket on the hook to help start our fire…. obviously a basket filled with paper also means a great little warm spot for a possum to take up residency… the possum is inside the paper bag, inside the basket…. yup, total sleuth this possum…


… came across part of a hornet’s nest on the ground while out and about….picked it up and now it’s in an old bottle being appreciated….


… I found this old tray used to bake ‘Caneles de Bordeaux’, little french cakes… I bought all the ingredients and was about to start baking when I actually read the method that helps sometimes Kara – refrigerate batter for 24 hours….eeekkk…. so, the batter is in the fridge right now, I will bake these for the blog this week and share the recipe….. if it all goes to plan of course…


… Come the afternoon Timothy O and I found some new records… Ahmad Jamal, such a cool dude and an amazing jazz pianist….Bobbie Gentry, this particular album was actually a dud, sorry Bobbie… and some Muddy Waters &.Howlin’ Wolf, gold, complete gold…. love Howlin’ Wolf…. the film Cadillac Records helps fill in some gaps if you are interested in old American blues….



….. Timothy O filled the ute with a load full of firewood from out of town… he then had to chop it up all weekend into smaller pieces….. sore arms today I think…


…. while out in the country he also picked up some pine needles to use in his new smoker for our backyard wood oven…..


… so we cranked up the wood oven and placed the smoker in and smoked a chicken… not one of ours, a freerange one from the butcher….


… Come Sunday we discovered a salvaged shop had just opened near where we live….. so we thought we should pop by and see what’s kicking…. as soon as we walked in I was completely taken with this pair of old arched windows…..I love architectural salvage…. so what was planned as a quick swing by trip, ended up taking a little longer…. then the rest of Sunday was taken up by Timothy O apart from chopping wood and I moving this pair of great big oversized windows from room to room and rearranging furniture  completely trashing each room as we went until finally they seemed to work in the bedroom…..house is still a bomb….

Hope you had a great weekend.

K x


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17 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Love, love, love your finds Kara! All of them!….Even your little possum, how very cute. Those windows are to die for and I think you’ve found the perfect place for them :)

  2. As always beautiful and inspiring Kara- wish you lived near me- we could share our love of Jazz- my hubby plays Sax so we have Jazz on tap! xx Corrina Tough.

  3. Absolutely adore the way you used those windows! Did you do anything special to fasten them to the wall or the bed frame, or are they free standing back there?

  4. Hi Kara

    You have a beautiful and very inspirational blog I am fall in love of this pair of oversized Windows. I also love architectural salvage.
    Is it possible you can share the name of the store or send the website to follow this kind of shops,please?

    Thank you and best regards

  5. Kara

    I wonder if it is possible you can share with me the name of the store or the website where you bought these beautiful headers. I fell in love and I looking for something similar for my bedroom.
    I live in London now, probably you can recommend me some special stores with architectural salvage to me.

    Best Regards

    Laura Reyes

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