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Tasmania in Pictures


 ©Kara Rosenlund

Hello… this post has been in the making for a few weeks, ever since I came back from my ‘Vignette Workshop‘ in Tasmania…. I think I still have ‘Tasmanian Fever’ from all the beauty that was had whilst on our ‘working holiday’ in the Apple Isle. What an incredible piece of Australia Tasmania is… yup, would you believe I had never visited… now I can’t wait to go back….


 … Timothy O and I flew in to Launceston and then hired a car and drove out to the east coast and shacked up in this little cottage for a few days by the sea….


… seashells on the cottage’s window sill…. knew it was my sort of place from the moment I saw these beauties lined up….


… this was literally on our doorstep…. wild grasses and fresh sea air….


… Timothy O had the fire going quick smart… it was warm during the day, though everything is always better with a fire isn’t it…. plus the temperature went down pretty fast come dusk….


… our passageway down to the isolated beach… literally never saw another person on the beach for the whole time we were here….


… Timothy O going for a bit of an exploration through the grasses…


.. it was so quiet… I sat in this spot daily, just watching and listening to the water lap and the birds play….. as time passed…. what a complete indulgence…


… I didn’t expect water so blue and so clear…


… beautiful seashells washed up on the beach…. I may have snuck a few home with me…


… gull tracks in the sand…. now, talk about the good life, they have it good there….


… the view from the top of a nearby rocky cliff…


… just magic… I want to move to Tasmania….


… so does Timothy O … he found this old felt hat in Launceston…. it has become a firm favourite…..


… I had a sun drenched afternoon kip in amongst the wild grasses as they danced around in the wind…


… and before we knew it, it was time to hit the road and get to Hobart for the Vignette Workshop…


… The beautiful old community hall at Battery Point was the venue for ‘The School’s Tasmanian Roadshow’ and where my workshop was held… Such lovely window light and high ceilings… thank you so much to everyone who came to the class; it was such a special evening.


… blossom was in bloom all over Tasmania….


We left Hobart and headed to the Derwent Valley to spend a day at Rodney and Severine Dunn’s sustainable farm-based cooking school The Agrarian Kitchen. A visit here had been on my ‘to do’ list for such a long time, I had to pinch myself many a time through out the day…. On their abundant 5 acre farm you are encouraged to get your hands dirty and dig up vegetables, milk goats and collect eggs from the chickens and more….. Our group of new friends all made a wonderful meal together under the direction of Rodney in the kitchen, learning new tricks and tips….


… rows of drying corn hang from the high ceiling… getting ready to be ground into polenta…


… details from the mantle in the kitchen….


… a small selection of The Agrarian Kitchen’s larder…. wish mine looked like that…



… Rodney with the pheasants, they had been hanging for a few days to increase the flavour of the meat…. more than ever it is extremely important to understand and appreciate where ‘what we eat’ comes from…. and not to take it for granted or be naive about it….


… when you appreciate exactly where ‘lunch’ comes from then there is a greater understanding to consume only what you need and not to waste….


… Timothy O was my partner from the group of course and we made the entree ‘Twice Cooked Souffle with Truffle Oil’… I have no words… no words which would come close to describing not only this entree but the whole lunch…the whole day for that matter…. it was such a wonderful humbling day….


…. then we drove to the airport…. Ah Australia… I love you so… you just keep surprising me with all your beauty.

K x


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35 Comments to “Tasmania in Pictures”

  1. Hi Kara, I always look forward to your posts! Your photos are, as usual, totally amazing. A class at the Agrarian Kitchen has been on my bucket list for a while – so glad you enjoyed the day, you’ve just proved that it’s a must-do. xx

    • Caroline – is really is a must do. The class was so inspiring and meeting like minded people was fantastic also….. all in the name of celebrating good old fashion food! xxx

  2. I was so pleased to have been able to come to your Hobart class and glad you enjoyed your Tassie experience. There is so much still left for you to see xx

  3. Kara, what a lovely story! Your photography is sublime too. I cannot wait until you get back to see the Freycinet National Park up close and personal! Miss you heaps! Wish I had another "Vignettes" class to look forward to! A big HI to Timothy O and the girls. Of course, a big kiss for Frankie XX.

    • Annie – thank you so much for recommending Piermont to us. We had the best time… and it was so lovely to see your beaming beautiful smile in Hobart. Can;t wait to see Tasmania and you again very soon! x

  4. Kara – oh these photos are stunning. You have captured Tasmania beautifully. For the last 2 years we have left Sydney for Tasmania on Boxing Day for a week or so, just driving around. Thank you for sharing your photos – they are beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I too fell madly in love with Tasmania when we holidayed there a few years ago and still dream of moving there. There is something about the slow pace of life and the rugged beauty there that is so appealing….

  6. ohhhhh, literally took my breath away! So beautiful in every way imaginable. Gorgeous photos as always. I’m a bit lost for words, going to go back and take in another look!

    • A wonderful tip off actually from a beautiful local in Tasmania called Annie Inglis, bless her, she actually has written a comment here on this post. It was spectacular Anna xx

  7. Such amazing photos, I need to get out and explore more! You’ve highlighted the beauty of this state – I often take living here for granted! Can’t wait for you to come back xx

  8. Piermont is where our family holiday regularly. It's pure heaven. We love to escape Hobart and lose all track of time at Piermont. Your photos do it justice Kara.

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