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Weekend in Pictures – Auckland


Ah, Auckland… you were grand…. This has turned into a travel blog of sorts hasn’t it, ha… last week Hamilton Island, this week New Zealand…


… so I arrived in Auckland and picked up the hire car and went straight to Father Rabbit.… isn’t it funny, you never feel alone in a city which hosts your favourite shops… Father Rabbit was introduced to me by my good friend Sally O.. all good things come from Sally O....


Father Rabbit’s new burrow – in The Bloc on 20 Normanby Road, Mt Eden….


… when I was first starting up Travelling Wares with Frankie the caravan – so too did Father Rabbit with their online experience….. I instantly feel in love with Father Rabbit’s aesthetic and their humour…. in Father Rabbit’s words our two businesses are ‘brothers from a different mother… but same Father Rabbit... I think they actually said it a lot more eloquently than that… that’s my Mother Rabbit’s genes coming through x


… I feel so proud of my friends Claudia and Nick for their huge achievement with Father Rabbit. When you start a small business you never know where you will end up with it… especially when it comes to turbulent retail…. their space at The Bloc is exquisite…




Rosenlund_0009 Rosenlund_0010 Rosenlund_0011

… after meeting Claudia finally in person I felt like I was some foreign exchange student / penpal from Germany after corresponding via instagram and Facebook for so long, ha ….we decided to go out for dinner to Orphans Kitchen.. ohmy… that experience deserves a whole new blog post on it’s own…. and in proper photographer fashion I decided to not take my camera to dinner… fool… If you are a local check it out, if you are visiting Auckland put it on your list….. brilliant atmosphere and top notch seasonal food…. packed from 7pm with Auckland’s cool kids… with beards and tattoos riding fixies… you know the type….


… I woke rather early in the hotel room forgot to pull the curtains and shot this frame while still in bed…. with the three hour time difference it was about 2am in Brisbane…. 5am in Auckland….. ah…. time to get the day rolling I supposed…..


… went for a morning walk and hit Good One for an early coffee and brioche….. it is off Ponsonby Road on Douglas street – my dad’s name is Douglas, so I thought I would see what was down papa’s street.… again more super cool Auckland kids…. beards, tattoos, bikes and coffee…..all goes hand in hand really doesn’t it…. this is clearly on the list for the seriously cool coffee connoisseur…


.. By 10am I was at Mildred & Co to meet Milly who was hosting Megan Morton’s The School’s NZ Roadshow …. and my Vignette Workshop….


… another light filled beautiful space done so well and really considered…


…. come 6pm the space was bustling with 45 lovely ladies all here to see my Vignette class.… so exciting… and boy did we have a blast! xx … thank you all who came along…. it is one thing to host workshops in your own country… though to cross the blue pacific is another thing…. I was so touched by the audience. thank you x

Rosenlund_0017 Rosenlund_0018 Rosenlund_0019 Rosenlund_0020

… Saturday morning I hit Flotsam and Jetsam …. now, this place came with quite the reputation….. a very good reputation….. forget beards, tattoos and fixies, this is the real deal….

Rosenlund_0021 Rosenlund_0022

… I didn’t know what this sign meant which was out the front of Cameron and Gav’s shop…. boy, o, boy….. was I about to… hello world class donuts….


… who says retail is dead…. this place was heaving with people… this was a lucky shot with no one in it… l think I was blocking the doorway as I shot this…..


Rosenlund_0025 Rosenlund_0026 Rosenlund_0027

… now, I know how hard it is to source the good stuff….and not keep it for yourself my hat really does go off to Flotsam and Jetsam... amazing variety of objects, both small and large, from 45c upwards…. something for everyone, which really is the secret to a successful retail experience is’n it…. such an array of the good stuff….

Rosenlund_0028 Rosenlund_0029 Rosenlund_0030

…. a rabbit warren of rooms both upstairs and downstairs… perfect for the thrill of the hunt….

Rosenlund_0031 Rosenlund_0032 Rosenlund_0033 Rosenlund_0034 Rosenlund_0035 Rosenlund_0036 Rosenlund_0037 Rosenlund_0038

….. I found this little old postcard for my friend Lady P…. look into those eye, how could you not crumble….. ah, hound love…. a love which never fades…….




… so, at about this time I figured out what that sign out the front meant….. DONUTS…. though not just any donuts…. I actually don’t think they should be called a mere donut, surely some new unfound word to sum up this utter delightful experience….. made by Little and Friday…. life will never be the same again…. seriously……

Rosenlund_0040 Rosenlund_0041

… THE donuts ….. little balls of sugared whimsy…. filled with not that I knew it yet sweet custard and raspberry jam…..


… I couldn’t even wait until I got back to Mildred & Co to get into this thing…. yup, in pure greed fashion icing sugar exploded everywhere in my lap as I drove off over the steering wheel ….. such decadency


… then before I knew it I was back on a plane and hanging out with these girls at home…. they got in big trouble for sneaking upstairs and roosting on the ‘good’ armchair’ ….

K x



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31 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Auckland”

  1. Kara, you make me feel so proud of my adopted city! It was such an awe inspiring weekend and such a pleasure to meet you, always laughing and so much fun. xx Mel

    • Proud… Mel, I am the proud one….. I still can’t believe our wonderful few days together… where and when can something like that happen xxx

  2. Dear thrifting lord, tell me you came home with a steamer trunk full!? Can not wait to visit NZ. What a wonderful experience for you. I’m so happy that you have had such an amazing year. Go girl!
    Ness xx

  3. God I miss those fabulous kiwi donuts! They just don’t make em like that anywhere else. Your photos are exceptional. No wonder people fall in love with Auckland x

  4. I think you and I have to visit Flour and Chocolate for their cronut – that is a cross between a donut and a croissant. I had no idea you were a fan of the donut. THIS is going to get serious….VERY serious….xx

  5. hello… did you make it to Waiheke?! I did a FLIP when I saw these photos and the glorious ones of the all the other ones you visited.. Isn’t flotsam outstanding! so glad you got your donut on! I wish though that I could have been my usual fun (wine soaked) self at our dinner and not been so tired! baby nearly coming, a few days now! Hope the next part of the journey (WA etc) goes well and you get that laundry basket wardrobe sorted!

    You have made my day, thanks Kara xxx
    Hi Sally!

    • Clauds…. I decided to not push my luck and didn’t head to Waiheke; apparently the barge can get full and with my flight leaving at 6pm I though maybe I shouldn’t push it, ha. Otherwise I would have. YOu were fantastic company. Can’t wait to do it again. xx

  6. Kara – what a fabulous post – I want a trip to Auckland now so I can get some great finds for my new workroom fit out…. Kara, please add Wanaka to your itinerary – come and share your knowledge with us, we would love to host you!!!!

  7. Oh you are a beautiful person…. :-) not only gorgeous tour guide of Aucklands finest but thoughts of little sausage dogs. . Love it! P xxxx

  8. Beautiful images from an awesome city. I visited many of these places earlier this year (although I need to get back to see the new Father Rabbit store!). Thanks for sharing, Kara. Tracie x

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