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How to Style a Last Minute Christmas


Things have been running at full steam round here of late.  This time of year seems to be moving with an even greater speed than last year.

With so much happening around the book tour over the past couple of months I’ve really missed being at home. After all the trips away I’m enjoying every minute I can spend here.

Usually I love taking the time to make my home really special for Christmas…. but this year the countdown is on and with so much else happening I’ve gone for some quick fixes. 

I’ve just visited my local flower market and picked up some of my favourites. They’re a mixture of natives and together they’ve got that coastal, holiday feel that I love at this time of year.  Plus they are robust for our summer heat. 


 I used a combination of mock orange, banksia, leucadendron and beech foliage.

If you don’t already – look up your local flower market. They’re usually a small independent business and so lovely to visit. Great for being able to run in and pick and choose. 

You don’t need to spend much to make an impact. I think the key to a generous arrangement is plenty of foliage – lots of it! At least 3 bunches!


It’s always nice to feel the Christmas spirit as soon as you see the front door. I’ve used a favourite new find to add some warmth to mine – I’m all about raffia right now. 


Adding a few festive bits and bobs to the entry helps too. The flowers will sit on my entry table until friends pop over and I’ll move them to where the action is in the kitchen.


I’ve pulled a few decorations out ready to set the table quickly when it needs to look a bit special. More raffia! I think using the same materials and colours around the home is a really easy way to make your Christmas theme look pulled together.. without too much effort. 

I keep a stack of favourite plates from potter friend Bridget Bodenham put aside ready for a quick table setting. Pick some fresh flowers from the garden to add to smaller vases and place around the table – and you’re all set.

rosenlund0016 rosenlund0014_lr

Merry Christmas!! Hope you have a beautiful day and that these last few days aren’t too hectic! K x


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One Comment to “How to Style a Last Minute Christmas”

  1. My internet is running slow at the mo, but i'm glad I waited for your gorgeous photos to show up on my screen! I'm in love with your styling and your asthetic, it makes me want to be more 'me' with a little bit of 'Kara' thrown in. I want to ditch all the ugly things in my home and pare back to whats really beautiful. How does one politely get rid of trinkets and hand me downs withough offending relatives anyway? Your stylings are always so beautifully curated and seemingly effortless. Thank you for your inspiration – reading your new book is like a detox, and a retreat all at the same time! Merry Christmas Kara :)

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