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6 Easy Steps to a Wall Makeover

My favourite homes are always the ones that are a little rough around the edges, a little thrown together. They are not perfect – like the best women. They are full of pieces that tell a story, put together in a loving way – they are collected homes.

Late last year I released a series of special limited edition Collector Boxes in the shop and I thought I’d show you how I’d go about displaying them in my home.

They’re small and intimate in size, so I think they look best grouped together for maximum impact. These prints are really easy to frame. They’re a traditional photographic size (8″ x 10″) which are easy to find in your favourite shops. The frames I’ve used are from West Elm.

Choosing where to put prints and getting them on the wall shouldn’t be painful! It’s easy and fun! Here’s how.

Step 1


Clear a shelf, gather your tools and your prints. If you don’t have any shelf space – any spare surface can work. The top of your dresser, the tv cabinet, even your kitchen bench.

You’ll need 


A hammer

Your framed prints

Your favourite song – up loud

You won’t need

A tape measure! We’re not looking for perfection here!

Step 2


Select two prints to lean against the wall. Keep them close enough that they look like they belong together, but leave a little space in between them.

Step 3


Position the third print on the wall, off centre from the print below it. Nail it in.

Step 4


Position the fourth print on the wall, again off centre from the print below it. Nail it in!

Step 5


Choose some objects that bring you joy to place on the shelf around your new collection. Bonus points for a variety of shapes and in a similar colour palette to the prints in the collection.

Step 6


All done! Stand back and admire your new art collection. High Fives for you!

Quick and Easy!




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5 Comments to “6 Easy Steps to a Wall Makeover”

  1. Came back for another look as I was thinking when I was out today I have the perfect spot for this idea. Thanks for the inspo Kara xx

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