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For the Love of Tea Towels


 ©Kara Rosenlund

… I’ve always been drawn to the nostalgic, I’m not sure why, I much prefer the old to the new. Whether it’s the music I love, on vinyl, or how I decorate my home with the things I collect. There is nothing I love more when the things we surround ourselves with have a story.

At the end of last year I released my first photographic printed tea towel. I know – fancy right! I was so excited to create something tactile for the home to complement my range of prints. Tea towels are so full of charm, they’re easy to collect and they transport you to a simpler time.


 ©Kara Rosenlund

… When I was thinking about what image to choose for the first tea towel, I thought about the conversations I’d had at my book launches and on instagram. One image which seemed to capture people’s imagination was – the clothesline. A nostalgic image for a nostalgic item. It seemed like a perfect match!

So after launching it just before Christmas I started receiving emails and comments from people asking when a new tea towel was coming and even suggesting their favourite images. Another tea towel? Ok, sure, I’ll do another one!  It’s really heartwarming when people feel a connection to the work and they want to have more of it within their homes.

I’ve been thinking about what the next tea towel should be. As the last days of summer creep up on us I always feel myself looking back – getting nostalgic about the holidays just passed and the adventures that came with them.


 ©Kara Rosenlund

… So I decided to make the new tea towel a shot which reminds me of that summer feeling. Of jumping in the car without too much thought or structure and escaping modern life and heading on a road trip …. taking the old highways which snake around the landscape and through the sleepy villages of old weathered houses. The journey takes a bit longer,  but the view out the car window tops you up with charm.

To me this is the Summer road trip we all love so much and that feeling of anticipation of the good times….

The new Summer road trip tea towel is available in the shop now. Exciting!

K x


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