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How To Hang Your Tea Towel


©Kara Rosenlund

I have found that a lot of people out there are collecting and framing their photographic tea towels, which I really love – like affordable and accessible art! So I thought I too would give it a go and see how easy it really is to do ….


… from what I have seen on instagram these Ribba frames from Ikea with perspex seem to be very popular when it comes to achieving a framed piece of tea towel art for under $100. They retail for $29.99.

… I would not recommend these frames for framing my photographic work, as it’s really important to have your print under an acid free archival matt and professionally framed, though for a linen textile they work well and its something you can do yourself in under ten minutes…. quicker than finding a park at Ikea. 


… a handy hint is to iron your tea towel to get all the folds out and so it’s crinkle free…. as you can see I’m not the best ironer in the world, eeek…


… then just open up your frame and lay the ironed tea towel in and position it, then close it back up again…


….  too easy, practically instant! Would love to see how you are displaying yours!

K x

P.S. My tea towel range is limited edition, if you want one now is the time!



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2 Comments to “How To Hang Your Tea Towel”

  1. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :-) Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Thanks lady, I love it. Now it’s time for a trip to Ikea and then I’ll Insta-post it so you can check it out xoxo

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