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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Weekend in Pictures is BACK… a much loved weekly segment here on the blog, where I share what I got up to on the weekend – in pictures…(who would of thought) – which, I haven’t posted about in what feels like forever….  But I’m now back into the swing…


… I ordered this Giorgio Morandi book online and when it arrived through the week I was so excited, I told myself I couldn’t open it until Saturday, to be able to really absorb the beauty of the book and take it all in. I really love his work, I just can’t get enough of anything to do with the art of arranging objects and of course his famous subtle tones and lack of colour, which I’m a big fan of.

What I didn’t love was when I realised I had ordered the Japanese version of the book…. Can you believe it! Not a word of English… What an idiot! Dang!


…. I headed to the flower market early and bought a few bunches of tuberoses. Tuberoses are the one fragrance which I never tire of. They are an absolute favourite of mine, the only other sister who comes close is the glossy gardenia.

The tuberose season is rather short and some years I miss the season completely. Not this year. I carried that vase (an old glass battery casing found at Fryerstown) around the house like a crazy woman all over the weekend, from room to room –  to make the most of their heady fragrance; in the kitchen while I was making dinner, in the lounge room while we watched Stealing Beauty on Netflix… I’m even sleeping next to them each night –  I can feel the big smile on my face as I inhale their fragrance as I drift off to sleep – am I high on tuberoses?….

Rosenlund0004 Rosenlund0005

…. my new tea towels arrived from the printers and I photographed some new material for the online shop. They are launching on Wednesday, this coming week – I love these tea towels so much! SO much! They remind me of the travel destination ones you would pick up when road tripping, with the daggy calendar printed on them. Love it!


… even though it was grey weatherwise in Brisbane for most of the weekend, I was adamant not to let summer slip through my fingers… I had been wanting to make Crab Jaffles this summer after reading an old recipe in Gourmet Traveller for Yabbie Jaffles…. so it was off to the local seafood co-op for some crabs….

Rosenlund0007 Rosenlund0008 Rosenlund0009

… super easy and beyond super tasty… I just pulled together a couple of handfuls of crab meat, four tablespoons of creme fraiche, little bit of horseradish, chopped chives and dill, the juice of a lemon, salt and pepper, and a handful of grated gruyere all together in a bowl and then put the filling between bread in the jaffle iron! Too easy!

Happy Sunday night!

K x




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21 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Fantastic weekend in pictures is back, it does feel like forever, however let’s face it you have been very, very busy creating other beautiful images for us all to enjoy❤️❤️❤️

  2. Fabulous Kara – really enjoyed reading it :) And thanks for the heads up about the tuberoses! I'm such a huge fan also so will pop on over to Rocklea and hopefully they'll have some left :) x

  3. Hi Kara teatowel looks great! Can I ask you where you got your blue ‘tablecloth’ from? Is it mudcloth ? It’s beautiful! Also love the window be find your bed…if love to see more pics of your home, looks charming.
    Keep op the fantastic work girl :-)
    Warm regards
    Tanya, your biggest Irish Fan x

    • Hi Tanya – Great to hear from you! All the way in Ireland! :) its actually a piece of fabric I bought from Sach & Cornish. Its an upholstery fabric. I’ll see if I can do another ‘house tour’ soon. Lots of things have changed!Thank you for your comment! X

  4. Love the way you write Kara – bright breezy and heartfelt. Tuberoses, gardenias win win in the beauty stakes
    …..not to mention daphne, scented old fashioned floppy roses……sigh!
    Sounds like you had the perfect weekend – apart from the book written in Japanese – cute and very funny

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