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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

The weekend started early and is still giving where I am …

I’m reshooting the online print shop, but I thought I would quickly get the images from the weekend up for you to see what went down…

… On Friday afternoon I started preparing and moving things around for the shoot.


… I work out of a co-working warehouse / studio called Vieille Branche in Albion, here in Brisbane.

… It doubles as a French farmhouse cafe, a nursery, an antiques shop, there is a framer here, a fashion designer, an architect firm, a horticulturist, a woodworker, a photographer, a soon to be fromagerie and well, actually, look,  it’s anything you want it to be… and that’s what I love the most about it.


… on some Fridays, ok – most Fridays…. alright – every single Friday…. we knock off a wee bit early, close the cafe and pop open a few bottles of French cider and catch up with each other about the day, while feeling the afternoon cool breeze… it one of my favourite times of the week to be with everyone… even Marcel the dog…



… Saturday morning started with a quick flip through one of my favourite back issues of Vogue Living from 2004….

… it’s so interesting that proper good quality imagery and content rarely dates. This cover story was shot by Mikkel Vang and styled by Christine Rudolph 12 years ago and it still looks as current as anything else out there. Those two created some truly iconic lifestyle imagery together.


… made a quick batch of pancakes for Timothy O and I… only to realise once we had covered them in maple syrup and were half way through eating them and applauding how delicious they were…. that a few hundred ants had taken up residency in the maple syrup bottle…. ewwww, first world problems, I know…. Oh, Australian Summer!


… then this is what the rest of the two days kinda looked like… prints just hanging about, being photographed… furniture being lifted and rearranged….. the sweaty glamour….


…. I also decided to announced my first ever ‘Free Worldwide Shipping’ special on all prints in the shop, which sort of broke my inbox.

… There is nothing more humbling and exciting than signing my prints, carefully wrapping them up and sending them off all around the world to their new homes to be loved.

…. If you have been meaning to order a print, then the time is now – free shipping ends tonight at midnight – your local time – where ever you may be in the world.



… and now this is me…. back at home after a working weekend… I’m off to Sydney this week, so that’s something to look forward to! Weekend in Pictures next week is coming from Sydney Town!


PS – incase you missed this video though the week – this is me below – being a crazy person with a hammer and creating an instant gallery wall with my Collection Boxes. I move fast, don’t muck around! Get that on your wall quick smart!





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